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Voile Hyper Manti Ski - Women

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If we had to use just one word to describe the Hyper Manti W, it would have to be “exceptionally well-rounded.” You may now be wondering why we in fact used three words instead of the self-imposed one-word limit and to be honest, it's because one simply wasn't enough. With the shedding of an impressive amount of weight from the non-hyper Manti W, the Hyper Manti W will grant you access to far-out powder fields while the rockered tip and tail will float like a water ski once you get there. The supportive (e.g., stiffer) tail will be a welcome addition for those who like to arc big turns down the apron while the full perimeter steel edges and sintered base help withstand unwanted meetings with high-density objects. Whether acting as the soft snow specialist in your current quiver or an all-around ski as a quiver of one, the Voile Hyper Manti W is a compelling choice.

  • Anti-Ice Topsheet keeps the snow at bay.
  • Reinforced Binding Mounting area helps with binding retention.
  • Hyper Construction keeps things exceptionally light.
  • Laminated Wood Core is laminated, duh.
  • Rubber foil helps keep things damp.
  • Full perimeter steel edges and sintered base lends themselves to durability.

Updates 2023/24: The Hyper Manti is going through a new phase and has decided to try out a different topsheet. The ski remains unchanged otherwise.

Lengths (cm) 158, 165
convert to ounces
1090g [158]
1210g [165]
Weight (pair) 2180g [158]
2420g [165]
Sidecut   130-100-118 [158]
132-101-120 [165]
Turn Radius   16m [158]
17m [165]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Early-rise tip, camber underfoot, gentle rockered tail
Shape   Rounded tip and tail, gradual taper
Construction   Cap
Core   Paulownia and double carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder and corn hunting and anything else you might find
Notes Can make quick turns in firm conditions with confidence
Bottom Line A true powder surfer and crud buster
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Elise
Hi! I'm looking to grab a pair of Mantis as my all-arounders for the backcountry in the Sierras and Whistler. Variable conditions are the norm more often than not, so while I love the idea of going lighter and farther with the Hyper version... I'm wondering if it would sacrifice too much stability on descents? Thanks for your thoughts!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Elise,

The Voile Hyper Manti is a very versatile ski. Its borrows from both Voile's more powder oriented construction in the V6 and V8, as well as the more all around construction in the Charger and Vector shapes. The goal was a ski that performs well in a wide range of conditions. The Hyper version is quite light weight, while maintaining an admirable amount of dampness.

The ski that is right for you is certainly subject. If you value dampness above all else, the aspen core of the non Hyper version will soak up vibrations from the terrain slightly better, at the expense of uphill performance. If you have further ski questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Emily (used product regularly)
I'm quite happy with the Hyper Manti for an all-around ski when the snow isn't ultra deep, but still requires some floatation (during early to mid winter, I'll still reach for my Hyper V8s, and in the spring I'll ride an 85 waist ski). The Hyper Manti holds its own and stays afloat in powder, but is also a great alternative for crusty or variable conditions. Holds an edge better than the V8, but easier to turn than a flat-tailed ski. Of course, light and easy on the uphills, too. I think the sweet spot for me would be a slightly longer ski (168cm), but the 164 is the best option Voile offers for my size and skiing style.
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Model: Hyper Manti Women

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