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Skimo Co





6' 1"


187 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

My Skiing

Not a racer, powder, perfect corn, steeps

My Gear

Skis: home made, Boots: tlt6 x2, Bindings: Dynafit , speeds

Recent Posts

I have been using these skins for about a year now, and wanted to put in a review. (40-50 days) First probably most people buy them because they are light and compact, they are all that. As you would imagine that lightness has a few compromises, one is they are quite flexible, in the wind the have to be captured because they are so light they blow around, two when I was cutting them I used a cutter designed with an edge offset, the skins being so flexible, they offset slightly as I was cutting them and so d...
I’m probably one hundred plus days in on these liners, and thought I’d update my earlier review. I probably would not buy any other liners. Pretty warm, super comfortable, yet when you need it, clamp them down and they give me all the power I need. As mentioned they are a little fat in the cuff, ( power to the edge). I have another pair of TLT6’s with shot liners, this is what they will get. One other thing, the folks at skimo never fail to impress me with their outstanding service. For example the last...
I am about 10 day into these liners. Molded them at home in the oven, no recommendations here just follow YouTube advice worked great for me. Tried three other liners, all to low volume for me. These worked perfectly a little fat on the top buckle, but ok. If you have big calves think twice. I have cold injured my feet too many times, so rarely have good things to say about that, but these liners are well above average for warmth. Might make for hot feet for spring/summer skiing. I’m very happy with thes...

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