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Race material wide enough for your pow planks! Since more surface area means more friction while skinning, fatter skis should have faster skins. The Pomoca Race formula has been vying for the title of “fastest skin on earth”, and now it’s available for light and fast powder laps. Looking to ski that untouched bowl but it’s really far away and you’d rather not take race skis? No problem. Tired of slow, heavy, bulky nylon skins being the only thing available for your fat skis? Not anymore. Want full coverage race skin on a mountaineering ski for a no-compromise grip-n-glide machine? Yes, please. Attach your favorite tip and (optionally) tail system and go ski until you run out of candy bars.

Sold by the centimeter, these skins are available off the roll, meaning if you are planning on making skins for both of your skis, measure accordingly (170cm ski x 2 = 340cm total). Forego the tail attachment to save some cash and make your skins even lighter. It is common and especially practical when the snow is soft to use a partial coverage skin that runs approximately ¾ the length of your ski. Add a little Gold Label to the tails and keep them warm and dry (in your jacket between laps) for best results with shorties.

If you would prefer a kit with a tip and tail attached, check out the Race Back Fix kit. It’s the same material.

ORDERING NOTE: These skins are sold by the centimeter (cm), meaning you should type in the Qty field the length (in cm) of skin you want for one ski “times two” for a PAIR. Unless you are making a backup skin, then just times it by one.

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Questions & Reviews

Comment from jtack
I have been using these skins for about a year now, and wanted to put in a review. (40-50 days) First probably most people buy them because they are light and compact, they are all that. As you would imagine that lightness has a few compromises, one is they are quite flexible, in the wind the have to be captured because they are so light they blow around, two when I was cutting them I used a cutter designed with an edge offset, the skins being so flexible, they offset slightly as I was cutting them and so do not follow the edge perfectly. Thirdly they are a little fragile, I made them with a “rat tail” and pulled the tail off stripping them one day. Not a huge problem, repaired them and now grab the whole skin to strip them. I’m pretty rough on skins, don’t mind walking on rocks from time to time. They have a few dings in them but have really held up well. As far as glue, I’m pretty happy with it, I think the flexibility of the skins compromises the edges some time. I live in the PNW, so snow tends to be damper than not, I have these on 113 under foot skis, and day in and day out they work good to great, they definitely prefer colder snow, but work ok all the time. I will buy another pair, even though their lightness adds an element of fiddling.
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Question from Matt Clarkson
Good day. We have a couple touring runs here that are best accessed via 2 miles each way of flat xc trail.
Thinking of getting a skin like this to give me less grip and more glide on those flats. Should i go with full width and or full length? Or would a smaller strip be better for such flat terrain?
Answer from Julian K
Hi Matt,

Going narrower will be your best option overall. Using less material width-wise will make you faster and save weight, even if you go down by millimeters. Once you start shortening the skin length-wise, it will not track as well and the tail will feel sloppy. A combination of both could work well too as long as you don't go too short.
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Question from Brian Lindahl
How well does the BD hardware work on these skins? Will they stay on, or will they rip out due to the skin material? (screw-in tip loops and rivet tail hardware)
Answer from Jeff
Brian, The BD hardware should work as well as any other. As long as you do not pull on tails excessively hard.
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Question from Chris
I’m trying to decide between the 120mm version of this and the Climb Pro Glide S (green) version. Can you help explain some of the differences? Are these significantly lighter? The green ones say they have a waterproof backer - do the race skins have this? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out. The Race Skin uses a much shorter hair length, which aids tremendously in glide but in certain snow conditions will make the grip suffer a bit compared to the Climb Pro S-Glide that has full length hair, 30% nylon composition, and all the treatment additives you can think of. The Climb Pro S-Glide is much more of a fast touring skin than the Race skin, which is a full blown race skin available for wide skis! Neither one is wrong, just depends on what you prefer!
Answer from Chris
Thanks Trace! Are the race skins significantly lighter? How does the glue compare?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris! Sorry for the crazy slow reply man! Yup, these are going to be quite a bit lighter. Glue stickiness will be identical between the two, however the Race skin will fold down much smaller because the backing is thinner, softer, and uses a single (or maybe only two) layers of glue compared to the heavy duty, waterproof backing and multiple layers of glue on the Climb Pro S-Glide.
Answer from Tony
since they're on a roll, can you cut off like a 10cm strip & weigh it? That should give a pretty objective/definitive value for "these are going to be quite a bit lighter". For all your skins sold by the cm, a little blurb in the specs like "xx grams per square centimeter" would be pretty helpful. Not too hard to calculate grams per unit of surface area when you have access to a uniform rectangular piece of skin. Or, if you know how many meters of skin come on a roll, weigh the roll and calculate from there?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tony, yes we have done that and collected various skin weights per square centimeter. Part of the lack of urgency for publishing the data is we don't think weight is the best metric to be basing decisions on. Glide ends up being more important for efficiency.
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