Alex N

Alex N
Height:5' 10"
Weight:165 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Hagan does no marketing- and as a result, it's easy to overlook their outstanding offerings. Which is a shame because they make some of the best, simplest, most affordable skimo gear out there, these boots included! If you want to summarize the review, just read this- beef boot performance with skimo simplicity and weight. If you've been hesitant to get into a lighterweight,
What about going the other way- using the Alien liner to make the Alien 1.0 a little warmer and more mountain-worthy?
A great jacket that works well for both races and backcountry use. I like to move fast on the skintrack when in the backcountry, and thus I tend to rely on my own heat to keep me warm, i.e., I dress very lightly, often just silkweight base layer and softshell. For colder days, or for times when you'll have to stop more, this is a great option. The material is just windproof enough, and the insulation is just thick enough, to make you feel warmer in colder weather without causing you to sweat. And if you do ...
I'm with Jonathan- these are the best skin tips. I converted towards the end of last season and now put these on all of my race skins, and really any set of skins you can pull from the tip. They provide the best grip and the most secure attachment- less "sloppy" than the bungee-based systems. Agree also that it's best not to bother with the plates. The speedy stitcher awl works well for attachment.
I really, really like these skis. Admittedly I've only skied one other pair of dedicated race skis - Dynafit Race Performance- but I have skied many pairs of skis in my life, and many pairs of backcountry skis, which is my overall basis for comparison. I think Hagan did a smart thing here by incorporating the mini-ABS sidewalls, even at the expense of a few grams (although the weight is still absolutely competitive for the ski category). As a result, the ski can hold an edge pretty darn well for something s...

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