Alex N

Alex N
Height:5' 10"
Weight:165 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Yes I contacted them, they told me they could not sell directly and asked me to contact a US dealer! So you don't have a replacement option for the boot liners?
What replacement liners would you recommend (Palau or any others) for Alien 3.0s?
Still no word on this, eh?
Any idea whether BSL will match up with the original 1.0?
Hagan does no marketing- and as a result, it's easy to overlook their outstanding offerings. Which is a shame because they make some of the best, simplest, most affordable skimo gear out there, these boots included! If you want to summarize the review, just read this- beef boot performance with skimo simplicity and weight. If you've been hesitant to get into a lighterweight,

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