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Ski Trab has a storied history with its made-in-Italy craftsmanship, producing skis for those with a penchant for ultra-light but high-performance. Never ones to sit idle, the designers at Ski Trab have been working on a freeride-oriented option for some time, tweaking and refining based on the feedback of professional athletes and mountain guides. The culmination of this extensive R&D is the Ski Trab Neve, which is sure to please aggressive and confident skiers everywhere. Compared to their other skis, the Neve features more tip and tail rocker, helping the ski stay afloat while simultaneously increasing maneuverability. Also present is the Neve’s more progressive mount point, which helps keep the weight evenly distributed throughout the ski, making jump turns in consequential terrain feel more natural. In building the Neve, Ski Trab set out to create a ski for advanced skiers who demand performance for engaging descents, and it sure appears they nailed it.

  • Duo tail is a highly engineered swallow tail, giving a skier the benefits of a flat tail while making turns more forgiving.
  • No Shock Edge Boost means that Ski Trab placed an elastomer reinforced with fiberglass in high-stress areas, increasing the durability of the edges.
  • No Shock Active Vibration Control is strategically placed throughout the entire ski, helping smooth over rough descents and increasing control.
  • HI-Connect Strong Edge internally connects the edges of the skis, keeping them intact even after an accidental visit to a rock garden.
  • 14 Layer construction provides the bombproof reputation of Ski Trab while keeping the weight to a minimum.
  • Trab precut skins are available for the Neve.
Lengths (cm) 174,181,188
convert to ounces
1380g [174]
1440g [181]
1510g [188]
Weight (pair) 2760g [174]
2880g [181]
3020g [188]
Dimensions   123-93-113
Turn Radius   23.7m [174]
24.5m [181]
27.2m [188]
Skin Fix   Attivo 2 tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Long tip and tail with rocker
Shape   Signature Trab tip, multi-radius sidecut, duo tail
Construction   14-layer cap
Core   Liwood air w/ carbon-glass & glass-basalt reinforcements
Skimo Co Says
Usage Freeride touring
Notes No-shock edges absorb the rough stuff
Bottom Line Ski Trab's best descending ski to date
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from jon
whats the true tip to tail length on the 188?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi jon. I measured that ski right at 188cm.
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Question from Nick D'Hulster
I’m torn between the Dynastar M team 88, trab Ortles 90 and these. I have some mágico’s and am looking to use my Plum Pikas for something that can handle a better downhill focused ski. Not so concerned about weight because they I don’t want any chatter and they will take quite a beating compared to my other setups. What do you think between the three as far as downhill performance?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Nick, the Neve is definitely going to have the best downhill performance, especially in terms of mitigating chatter. The carbon-glass layer in the Neve (which the Ortles lacks) will help dampen the ski and smooth out the ride as well as give the ski a more "alpine-feeling" flex. The Ortles are great downhill skis as well but a built lighter and since weight isn't as much of a concern I think the Neve would be your ski of choice. The Dynastar M-Vertical 88 is a lot of fun but is designed more for uphill performance and will feel much closer to your Magicos than the Ski Trab options will.
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Question from Caleb G
I want this ski so bad… I mean come on! Haven’t owned a trab ski but really love the platform (skins, construction, cool factor) … I’m just concerned with the big turn radius… looking for a solid daily driver a little more robust and narrow(er) than my backland 100s but wider and ready for more than my alp tracks 85’s. Out here in the inland northwest we often find ourselves skiing tight trees and sketchy luge tracks… so I’m really just curious if you guys think this trab ski is nimble enough for below tree line or if I should gravitate toward the majesty super patrol… or go full mustache and get the faction micro?. I’d like to bring it out above tree line too… and for volcanoes perhaps?
Answer from Jeff
Hello Caleb, Wonderful question and thoughts.
We love Trabs, I have the Magico.2 and they are amazing. Skimo has a 181 Neve Demo, but I am sad to say I didn't test it out last spring. Everything you wrote about it and to fit in your quiver is Right on. It would be great in the wide open and in any conditions. They do have even longer radius then the Magico. Of course you can do many types of turns with any ski, but in tight spots or Luge tracks, it probably would not be the quickest turner.
The Majesty SuperPatrol with its Cut off design may be a good option. Again, not a lot of real world testing on it. But supposed to be a ripping downhiller, that is nimble too, that you can ski in a size shorter.
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