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Palau Ultralight Race Liners

Brand: Palau
Model: Ultralight Perf
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The Ultralight liners from Palau are designed for skimo racing boots and other high performance applications. With an overlap design, they hug your calves while keeping the snow off your socks. The highly-rated EVA foam is thermo-moldable and adapts to your ankle movement. They are secured at the top with an elastic strap. The Palau ultralights are designed to be compatible with Alien, Syborg, Cube, and other lightweight setups. If your race liners are beat, the French liner experts have you covered.

  • 100% closed-cell EVA foam is light and thermo-moldable.
  • 7mm thick version is enough to keep you warm while racing (Tour Lite Ultra).
  • 5mm is thin-to-win, offering unparalleled walking capabilities (Ultra Preformance).
  • Overlap design offers support and the perfect calf-fit.
  • Elastic strap closure system keeps the liners in place.
Question from Cliff
Would you recommend these liners for LaSportiva Raceborg? Thx!
Answer from TSB
Hey Cliff, unfortunately we're not carrying the RaceBorg so I can't do an in-person try-out, but I'd bet the 7mm would be a good fit!
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Question from Christopher
Looking for a replacemt liner for some first Gen Maestrale RS boots. Would the 7mm work well or would I want a higher volume liner?
Answer from TSB
Hey Christopher, unless you're looking to change the feel and performance of the boot quite a bit, I wouldn't recommend the Palau race liners for a Maestrale RS. The direct replacement for a new Maestrale liner is the Pro Flex G from Intuition (https://skimo.co/scarpa-liners), which will be thicker, warmer and stiffer than a race liner.
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Question from Alex N
What replacement liners would you recommend (Palau or any others) for Alien 3.0s?
Answer from Jeff M
Alex, Sorry there is not anything that would really stand in for the liner that comes with the boot.
I looked at Scarpas list of replacement items and they do not list it. Have you tried to contact Scarpa ?
Answer from Alex N
Yes I contacted them, they told me they could not sell directly and asked me to contact a US dealer! So you don't have a replacement option for the boot liners?
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, we don't have any bikini liners in stock. Let us know what size you need and we can try for you.
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Question from Mike
I have size 29 Aliens, my street shoe size is normally 10.5/28.5.... would the 28.5 liner swim in the shell or is there not a big difference in volume in the half size?
Answer from Nate
Hi Mike, we generally advise sizing the liner to the size of the shell. I would suggest a 29 unless you have a specific reason for wanting to go with a different size.
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Question from Ted
How thick is the sole on these?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ted! The thickness of the sole seems to be right in line with the thickness of rest of the foam in the liner, meaning if you get a 5mm liner then the sole is probably about 5mm thick, same theory goes for the 7mm. I skied in the 7mm for a long time and didn't really notice any huge increase/decrease in volume that was related directly to the sole.
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by JDT (used product regularly)
I bought the 7mm to replace worn out Alien 1.0 liners. Very comfortable. Nice and warm. Thanks to the overlap design, I now enjoy getting into my Alien 1.0's without having to slip the liners on first (and removing my foot from both the liner and boot). Though the foam is not nearly as dense as the stock 1.0 liners, I get a sense that these have increased ski performance compared to the stock 1.0 liner (perhaps due to the overlap design?). When comparing these side-by-side, the Palau liners are thicker than the 1.0 liners and don't have the neoprene cut outs, hence the ankle articulation is slightly stiffer. However once I started skinning, I didn't feel any noticeable difference. These come up considerably higher than the Alien 1.0 liners, well above the cuff. These liners also fit into my TLT7's quite well, and I imagine they would make a good replacement for those boots...though I have not actually used that combination. These are moldable, but I didn't bake them. The first 3 tours felt a bit tight. However, these are thin race liners and seemed to mold themselves, and they now feel great.
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Question from Brian M
Will the 5mm work in an alien 1.0. Looking to replace the liner and can not find a 26.0 liner anywhere in the US. The original alien liner was a good fit so looking to match that.
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, yes, these are designed for race boots such as the Aliens. The 5mm is close to the stock liner so should work well for you.
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Question from shawnie
is the 7mm or 5mm better suited for the la sportiva syborg?
Answer from jbo
Hi shawnie, that depends on your foot! The 5mm is closer to the stock liner though.
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Question from FREDERICK L
Hi Skimo,

I currently have Palau 8mm tongue liners in my Dynafit TLT 6's, but am thinking of trying an overlap liner for better comfort and performance.

Would you recommend the Ultralight Performance in the 7mm thickness to try?


Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Frederick, thanks for reaching out. I think this liner has pretty excellent potential to work for you unless you are already running the buckles on the instep and cuff as tight as possible! Because the liner is 1mm thinner, you may have to buckle the boot a bit tighter, so if you're doing that already then I think a thicker liner would work better for you, otherwise this is a great option!
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Question from Anthony
Looking for a replacement liner to suck up some volume in my last sportiva syborgs, focused more on touring and less on downhill, would you recommend these, the tour light performance, or the intuition race fx? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, I'd go with the TLPs, when are thicker than the Syborg liners and have a good flex zone.
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