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The Ultralight liners from Palau are designed for skimo racing boots and other high performance applications. With an overlap design, they hug your calves while keeping the snow off your socks. The highly-rated EVA foam is thermo-moldable and adapts to your ankle movement. They are secured at the top with an elastic strap. The Palau ultralights are designed to be compatible with Alien, Syborg, Cube, and other lightweight setups. If your race liners are beat, the French liner experts have you covered.

  • 100% closed-cell EVA foam is light and thermo-moldable.
  • 7mm thick version is enough to keep you warm while racing (Tour Lite Ultra).
  • 5mm is thin-to-win, offering unparalleled walking capabilities (Ultra Preformance).
  • Overlap design offers support and the perfect calf-fit.
  • Elastic strap closure system keeps the liners in place.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Sarah
Hi, I have the '18 Atomic Backland Ultimate boots and want to get a warmer, more snuggly fitting liner (The boots are 25/25.5 and I typically wear a 24.5). I see in this thread that the 5mm liners have been recommended, but what about the 7mm? I have gotten the fit to feel pretty decent with insoles, but really want something more robust than those dinky orange socks.
Answer from Jeff
Sarah, the stock liners are around 5mm and probably more in spots. So wanting to take up more space and be warmer, you should go with the 7mm. A liner mold will take care of any spots needing more room.
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Question from Andrew
renewing this question 3 years later - what is the best replacement liner for alien 3.0?

could this palau ultralight race liner be trimmed down to ankle height?

PG race 400 liner?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, we have a shot at getting you some 3.0 replacements. Send your size to
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Question from Jake
Hello I’m trying to fill up some volume in a 26.5 pdg 2… would the 7mm do the trick? Also should I go 26.5 on the liner or do different a size? Thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jake,

The 7mm in the Palau Ultralight Race liners will not take up volume as compared with the stock liner. To take up some extra volume that is bothering you in your PDG 2s, I would recommend looking at the Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo in the 26.5. Also, achieving a snug fit can require more than just a liner change. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Kevin
Looking for a replacement liner for my Garmont (Scott) Excursions low cut plastic telemark boots (similar to the Scarpa T4). I don't need something super supportive, just light and flexible for long flat approaches. Thinking about the low volume version of this liner (me: high volume, wide foot). How tall is it compared to other AT liners like the Intuition Tour Pro?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kevin,

All of the liners that we carry will be a lot taller than the cuff on the Excursion. The Palau Ultralight Race Liners are a lot lower volume than the stock liner in those boots. I would think you would still want more foam volume than these liners provide.

If you would like a higher volume fit than the stock liner, I would look at the Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo. For something more closely resembling the stock liner, the Intuition Pro Tour in the MV would be more appropriate.
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Question from alex
Hi there - I am looking for a replacement liner for a Fischer Travers CS -- Wondering how you think these would do? Also wondering how warm the 7mm are compared to the tour like or other possible replacements?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Alex, I would suggest the Tour Lite Pro for your Fischers! These ultralight liners are a little less structured so are really intended to slip into skimo race boots. The
Palau tour lite pro evo would also work and would be slightly higher volume + warmer foam.
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Question from mange
HI there!

Ive got a really beat up pair of liners in my alien 1.0. Looking for new ones. Would the Palau Ultralight Race Liners work with them? If so, which thickness would you recommend?

Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Maggie. This would be a suitable replacement liner. If the boot is very tight, go with the 5mm. If you prefer a tighter fit, or the boot has just a smidge of extra volume, go with the 7mm.
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Question from Jon

I have to change the liners on my Sportiva Raceborg. This boots, the first days of the season produces me pain in the shin. Is the foam of the cuff that with pressure, inflamates the shin a litle bit and burns my hair there.

I am thinking to change to a Palau liner (dont know if 5 mm or 7 mm will be better), but I dont want to lose the good skining that a bikini liner gives.

Will I apreciate that difference? Or is a difference that top athletes only apreciate? What would you do? I think that could help with my issue...

Thank you very much!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jon, if you are looking to still get a great range of motion from a bikini liner I would first check out the Alien 1.1 Liner for a close replacement. The extra range of motion you get from the bikini liner is noticeable compared to a full-length liner.
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Question from Milan
With these liners work with my Scarpa alien in size 29 Mondo. I know I can get the original liners but I was wondering if there is a cheaper option it does not take me much to destroy thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Milan, I have the same boots and most of the wear is from the shell and liner rubbing. In the picture you have some at the heel cut out. The shell contact issues would most likely be worse with this liner.
The Intuition liner in the RS has very dense foam and I feel gives the boot a very solid and comfortable fit. This Race liner has light and airy foam, so you will lose that solid fit.
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Question from Mex
Hi there!

I‘m looking forward to change my original Liners from my Scarpa Alien 1.0. I have Mondo 30, (its the biggest). Which one would you recommend to take from the Race Liner? Also a 30 or even 30.5 or 31?
Thanks for the answers!
Answer from Ian C
Hey Mex! If you are just trying to swap a packed out alien 1.0 liner, we have replacements available over in our Scarpa liners page. If you wanted to try the Palau race liners instead, I would say the 7mm 30.0 would be a good bet.
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Question from Ryan Tetz
I’m looking for something to replace the liners on my 2016 D.Y.N.A Evo boots. Should I buy this, or could I have success also with the Intuition Tour Mod to replace the original liner on that boot. That looks like the only thinner liner Intuition markets currently? Thoughts? I have a wide fore foot and am getting pressure on the ankle spurs currently with the original liners that I think could improve somehow and am considering what’s best..... Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Ryan, the most comparable liner to the stock liner for that boot is the Palau Tour Lite Pro. If you're looking for a little more space this one might be a good choice for you. I would definitely go with this or the Palau Tour Lite over the Intution Tour Mod. These liners will walk a lot better and will also give you a little more space and comfort.
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Question from Kate
I have a pair of La Sportiva Syborgs, and the liners are in decent shape but there are a few points where I can tell the shell is rubbing and irritating my feet. What do you think of replacing the liners with these ones, versus the Palau Tour Lite (or anything else that might be more comfortable but still fits in a race boot)?
Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for the question! Given how thin the original liners are for the Syborg going with these liners would be a good choice, but I would not depend on them to change the fit of the boot. Hope this helps!
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Question from Pete T
Thanks Will!

In my case, the further question is: given the tight fit that I currently have with my blown out liners, will this thinner liner end up sloppy or simply provide the additional volume that I need?

With that said, it's width and height at the fifth metatarsal (typical 6th toe) that is currently compromised and I wonder if the thinner liner may resolve without need to punch the shell. For what it's worth, I'm using a high-volume full-cork molded footbed (totally pancake without).

I understand that it's difficult to recommend a fit without a foot to work with, but just want to double-check and wonder if you can provide the foam thickness for those original, first generation Procline Carbon (orange shell) Support liners.

Thanks again - I'm looking forward to dropping in a fresh liner ASAP - cheers!
Answer from Patrick C

Unfortunately, we do not have any specific liner thickness information for that boot. If you want to do more of a deep dive into how to best fit your boot you can always email us at
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Bob, I'd say there's a good chance you may end up with excess volume in other locations and being too sloppy. The best way to go would likely be to get the shell punched and use a thinner volume insole like Superfeet Carbon or a Masterfit custom footbed. The Masterfits are the thinnest volume custom insoles we've found!
Answer from Pete T
Thanks! Great info and totally answers my questions - much appreciated.
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Question from Bob
Hi - thoughts on these as a replacement for Arc'teryx Procline Carbon, 27, Support liner? I'm still very snug all-around at the end of the liner's life cycle and may consider punching the shell for additional volume.

Answer from Will M
Hey Bob,

We actually recommend using a Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo as a replacement liner for this boot. It performs just as well as the stock on the up & the down. The Ultralight Race liner will be quite a bit thinner.
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Question from mrp
I'm getting conflicted info in the reviews-- anyone want to say something definitive? I have atomic ultimate 27/27.5 boots, with the orange sock liner. If i'm getting a replacement 5mm ultralight liner, should I get size 27, or should they be sized down to 26?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Mrp, I would just stick with the 27 liners because these ultralight liners already run a bit downsized.
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Question from Sjaan Gerth
Liner sizing question/confirmation. Hi: I’m looking to replace the stock liners in a pair of Atomic Backland Ultimate boots (2018 orange sock). Based on previously questions seem like the ultralight 5mm is a good replacement. Boot size is 26/26.5. Based on my understanding this would be a size 25 liner due to the shell size difference with this boot? Many thanks for the help!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Sjaan, I would actually end up going with 26 or 26.5 liner option. The race liners do tend to run small.
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Question from Brenton T
I am trying to replace the liners in my Dynafit Evo’s 26.5. Would this be a good fit or would the PDG liners make a better fit?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Breton, either of these liners could work quite well but right now we are very limited in replacement liners for the PDG liners. Looks like these Ultralight liners will be your best option.
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Question from Robert Black
Is the Palau Ultralight Race Liner taller than the liner that comes in the Dynafit TLT7?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Robert,

What model of TLT7 are you referencing? Is it the TLT7 Carbonio/Performance, or is it the TLT7 Expedition? They have a very minor discrepancy in length. In size 29.5 the TLT7 Carbonio/Performance vary between 27 and 31.5cm, depending if you measure at the tongue or the rear of the boot. The Expedition varies between 28 and 31.5cm. The Palau Ultralight Race Liner varies between 30 or 30.5cm, with the medial lateral sides of the liner being the high points. Therefore, the Palau Liner comes in 2 to 3cm higher in the tongue.
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Brad H (used product a few times)
I picked up these liners as a replacement to the stock liners for the 2018 Atomic Backland Ultimate boots. I love my boots so much I've beaten up the old liners in about one year and 50 days of hard PNW use.

The Palau Ultralight Race 5mm Liners are a GREAT REPLACEMENT for the stock backland liners.

I have now skied in them three times for 3 major ski mountaineering objectives (Mt. Adams/summit &SW Chutes, Mt. Hood/summit & old chute, Mount Shuksan) and they worked fantastic!

- They fit the boot very well!
- They are much easier to don/doff than the original sock style!
- They actually provide a little extra padding where the boot shell ends, this was my one complaint about the stock liners because it made side hilling not so enjoyable. But the new liners solve this problem.

Highly recommend these liners! I don't think I'll be going back to stock liners!
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Question from Brad
I have a pair of Atomic Backland Ultimate boots (2018 vintage) that I have beat the crap out of my liners for. Would these lines be a viable replacement? My boots are still in great shape, just looking to replace the "sock" style liner. Thanks in advance.
Answer from Cole P
Brad, glad to hear you have been enjoying your Backland Ultimate boots. The Palau ultralight race liner in the 5mm option will work best with those boots and resemble the stock liners the closest.
Answer from Brad H
Thanks Cole for the reply! I bought the liners and have used them on three big ski mountaineering objectives and love them. I wrote a more detailed review below.
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Question from Austin M
Is the 5 mm compatible with the Alien 1.1?
Answer from TSB
Hey Austin, the overall thickness of the 5mm Palau would suit the Alien 1.1 decently well, but it would make the BOA closure over the forefoot sit too low on the arch to function decently. Of course, you could modify the tongue of the boot with some closed-cell foam, but you can't graft foam onto the front of the Palau wrap liners as it would cause an asymmetry. Your best bet if you're looking for a replacement 1.1 liner is just to get the one that's available from Scarpa/Intuition, and then mod their OEM product to your heart's content.
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