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Lou B

Lou B




6' 2"


178 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

Recent Posts

So what’s the difference between the fast and the pro? Fast is more expensive. Does it ski better? Do any race brakes even fit these? I have Trofeo which go to 70 supposedly. I guess I could bend them to make them fit.
are the dynafit goggles for sale the speed, or the tlt? Listed as TLT speed but the photo is not the tlt, it looks like the speed. Please clarify. Thanks
Does the grizzly 98 have a crampon option? I am hoping to repurpose these for a backcountry spring set up and need to have crampons. Thanks.
What is the fit like of the Dalbello Quantum? Compared to the Fisher Trans AlpPro and the Dynafit DNA. Thanks Also do you know why this boot and the lite version appear to have been discontinued? Everything I read says they were great.
Overall a pretty good boot that is what I expected in the weight class. There is one major flaw in that there is no rear range of motion in walk mode. If skinning on flat or near flat it’s very very noticeable and frustrating. If on a slope more than 20 degrees no problem. Same issue when actually walking. These do not walk well at all. It’s strange because the forward range of motion is beyond what is even necessary or possible for my ankle. Also like others have mentioned getting out of the boot is cha...

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