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The new Gold Fish, aka perfect weapon. Known for producing some of the highest-performing skis atop the surface-area-to-weight charts, Movement has endeared themselves to skiers who demand premium gear. As the name would suggest, the Race Pro 71 is 71mm wide underfoot and represents the middlest ski within Movement’s Race Pro lineup, right between the 66 and 77. Wider than most race skis, narrower than most mountaineering skis, the Race Pro 71 is an objective-seeking missile designed to get you there and back in record time. And since it’s available in lengths that give an advantage on the way down, you’ll get there with an even bigger smile on your face. With a top-secret core that lets the ski weigh in at a shockingly low number, you basically have a race ski underneath you on the way up. But the extra girth and tip rocker will quickly remind you that this doesn’t handle like a typical race ski on the way down. The tip notch accepts bungee-style race attachments for the fastest transitions in case you want to go back for more and have no time to waste. The Race Pro 71 is the gram-counters adventure ski, powder ski, and mountaineering ski, or the everyday tourer’s race ski or objective ski. Either way, it’s fun, well-engineered, and should become your ski.

  • Ultralight Karuba core is the tried and true method of producing a durable, featherweight ski.
  • P-Tex 5000 is one of the hardest base materials available, ensuring Ferrari-like handling on the way down.
  • Titanal Double Plate Reinforcement zones for enhanced binding and core integrity.
  • Race Edge is lightweight yet still cuts through hard snow like butter.
  • Movement says the Race Pro 71 is 90% Performance Skiing and 30% Classic Touring, which means it's 120% awesome.

Update 2018/29: Topsheet has very slightly changed graphic, otherwise the ski is the same.

Update 2019/20: Movement got in touch with their artistic side and updated the topsheet graphic, otherwise these remain the same.

Update 2021/22: Movement updated the topsheet again and tweaked the shape of the shovel.

Update 2023/24: The venerable Race Pros were replaced with the Fast 71.

Lengths (cm) 160, 168
convert to ounces
775g [160]
830g [168]
Weight (pair) 1550g [160]
1660g [168]
Sidecut   109-71-90
Turn Radius   18m [160]
19m [168]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, race style
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Light rocker tip, carmber underfoot, slightly raised tail
Shape   Tapered tip, shorter radius, flat tail
Construction   Cap with TPT wrapped core
Core   Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage What moves you?
Notes Titanal mounting plates
Bottom Line Oversized race ski
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Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product a few times)
I think this ski should be renamed The Missing Link since I've always experienced a big gap in performance between my race skis vs "real" skis, even those in the mid 70s for waist width.

I have my 160cm pair mounted with ATK Revolution WC bindings and driven by La Sportiva Stratos V boots.

So far I’ve used them only three times: twice on a snowfield with a consistent ~32-degree pitch and once in a couloir that starts in the low 40s. (For fellow Easterners, these outings were laps from the Mt W summit road.)
Definitely felt more stable than any of my race skis on such fairly steep terrain. But not quite as stable as my Movement Big Fish (which has since become the Race Pro 77 and then the Fast 77).
Snow conditions ranged from nice spring snow to a bit too firm. So no experience yet with floatability (for which the Big Fish definitely punches above its weight, or rather, floats far better than would be expected from only 77mm underfoot).

I will conduct further research and report back!
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CDB (used product regularly)
Very happy with these. I bought them in 160cm (I’m 6ft, 160lbs) and paired them with Dynafit DNA Boots, Ski Trab Gara Titan Brake Bindings, and 65mm Colltex Race Crystal Skins. I’ve been using them regularly for resort uphill and one race so far. They’re great on groomers and skiable in powder. I struggle with them in variable conditions (e.g. resort evenings after a warm day) but I likely need to improve my technique. Not sure if I’ll take them into the backcountry much. I expect they would be brutal on breakable crust. Overall they’re perfect for my needs: a race ski that I can have some fun with on the downhill.
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johnee (used product regularly)
168 cm, with Plum Race 170 bindings, Fischer Travers boots.

The only experience I've had with this type of ski is the PDG. I like this ski better and the PDG is amazing. I don't race. No Kilian-Jornet downclimbs on skis. Otherwise, to the extent that I can say, the product description is accurate. Very fun.

What's the opposite of Quiver Killer? Quiver Filler? "Save the Quiver"

Editorial comment: I like a simple topsheet. I don't want to look at a realistic photo of a Norwegian explorer all day. Movement skis are prettier. With respect to Ingstad et al.
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Steve S (used product regularly)
Jason helped me select these at the beginning of the 22/23 season so I could dabble in vert and individual skimo races on something lighter than my main Dynafit Carbonio 76 ski. They have been a perfect choice! At my level, I did not need the skinniest and lightest ski but something adequately competitive and light. Paired with the Helio 145 binding, these have been great to ski and ski downhill like some short carving skis. Light enough and barely noticeable on bootback sections.
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Question from Terry
Duh. Just read the questions below. Any advice on a good, light-weight ski for tele in your offerings? T
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Terry, tele and light-weight skis is always an interesting game. I see you also emailed in, I'll follow up there with some options.
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Question from Terry
Hey Skimo. I'd like to seriously lighten by tele setup. Not much I can do about my bindings (harvesting a pair of G3 cables). How do you guys think this would work for tele? (Let me just pre-empt the "get an AT setup" reply!) Love your site. Got my AT setup last year based on what I learned. Thx! T
Answer from jbo
Hi Terry, like many paulownia AT skis, these don't quite have the chops for tele...not enough strength in the toe mounting area.
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Question from Paul
How about putting an NNN binding on the Movement 71s with a kicker skin?
Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, I was skating on these last night, but with tech bindings! It could probably handle nordic usage just fine, maybe a bit much of a sidecut for some. You might be the first to try it...
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Question from mike
I am looking for a light weight ski for use with Scarpa T-4s and a voile cable binding. Intended use: Hiking trails, traverses and summits(?) Disappointed with so-called xcd offerings.
How much camber does this ski have? (for grip wax or kicker skins)
Is the ski robust enough for a telly binding?
Has any of your clients tried this?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Mike, I would not recommend mounting a telemark binding on a Movement race construction. There will not be enough of a mounting plate under the toe to secure your binding. The camber on the ski is about 5mm which would not be enough for grip wax. I would look at skis with large mounting plates at the toe since that's where you will have all of your power transfer.
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Jordan S (downright abused product)
I've bought this ski three times now, and I downright loved it. Honestly the perfect ski. I use it for everything. I've skied everything from speed laps at the resort, to big mountain objectives like the Grand Teton or Longs Peak. For me, this ski can handle surprisingly deep powder but still feels like a 71 on bulletproof snow. Overall, this ski is like a transformer, race ski on the way up, touring ski performance on the way down.
Reply from Charles H
Why have you needed to buy this ski three times?
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Question from Luka Ukrainczyk
How compatible are these with non-race boots like the Scarpa F1? Is the ski sufficiently wide?
Answer from Jeff
Luka, first thought is that it will be easier to handle this Thoroughbred ski. It would be OK. You didn't mention your intended use. If you are using for a race/long touring ski, I would recommend the 168cm. If you are not racing it's bigger brother is also something to look at Race Pro 77.
Answer from Luka U
Thank you Jeff. I'm looking for a lightweight ski for PNW volcanos, traverses and occasional races. Will use with superlights/F1s. I will consider the 77s, also recommend them in 168 for my 5'10" 160lb self? Already have BMT 94s and am trying to avoid overlap.
Answer from TSB
Hey Luka! Both the Race Pro 71 and 77 would be excellent skis for volcano tours and rec-class skimo races. If you're planning on using F1's as your only boot, I'd lean toward the additional width of the Race Pro 77; if you're considering getting a skimo race boot (e.g. Alien, PdG, Backland Ultimate), I'd go for the speedier Race Pro 71. Both skis would work well for you in the 168cm length.
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Model: Race Pro 71

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