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Dalbello Quantum Asolo Factory Boot


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Dalbello has been a leader in ski boot technology for decades. They now have entered the lightweight touring boot category with the Quantum Asolo Factory. True to Dalbello heritage, they are taking touring boots to the next level of performance. Using a superlight and ultra-stiff polyamide reinforced with carbon fiber they bond the two halves of the shell together giving one of the best weight to performance ratios possible for touring boots. Unlike some of the other touring boots on the market using carbon fiber in the cuff the Quantum Asolo Factory keeps a nice progressive feel while you make your way down that fluffy apron, or gnarly couloir. Using a simple ski/walk lever and Dyneema Technora Rope this system allows you to go between skiing and skinning quickly and easily. With the range of motion of the cuff being almost frictionless and giving 65 degrees of movement, efficiency on the skin track is a sure thing. The lower shell uses a Quick Lacing System to hold the foot evenly and securely by using an endlessly adjustable dial to tighten and loosen around your foot. With this type of security, you may just find yourself skiing that one line that has always seemed too scary. To round out the comfort of the new Quantum Asolo Factory, Dalbello is using Ultralon foam sewn into a fully customizable ID liner. Pair that with a removable boot board and you end up with a piece of footwear that is equal parts cozy and high performing. Dalbello has created an innovative boot with the Quantum Asolo Factory to give you the fit, performance, and simplicity that will allow anyone to chase their skiing goals.

  • Quick Lacing System allows precise adjustment and uniform pressure.
  • Bonded shell keeps the boot light while maximizing performance.
  • ID Touring Pro liner is easily customizable.
  • Dual Link Cuff keeps the boot laterally stiff and gives the boot over 65° ROM.
  • Vibram Dual Density Sole means you can scramble around on windswept ridges.
  • Full-length boot board gives superior control and support.
  • DIN sole for compatibility with frame bindings

convert to ounces
950g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 1900g [27.5]
Buckles Lever throw with cord + Quick Lace System
Boot Sole Length 265mm [23.5]
275mm [24.5]
285mm [25.5]
295mm [26.5]
305mm [27.5]
315mm [28.5]
325mm [29.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech and frame style
Cuff Rotation 65°
Materials Polyamide composite, carbon
Liner ID Touring Pro
Sole Vibram Dual Density Sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, mountaineering
Notes Fully customizable liner
Bottom Line Innovative and simple touring boot from Dalbello.
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Peter Durin
Hi there,
What is the forward lean angle on these beauties? Is there a way of change it like on Alien RS or some other boots?

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Peter, thanks for reaching out! The stock forward lean is 11.5º, and you can add a spoiler to get to 13.5º. The ski/walk lever is riveted on, so it cannot be repositioned like the Alien RS.
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Question from Susan H
Do you happen to have the BSL info for the 22.5? Is it going to be sharing a shell with the 23.5 or will it be smaller (she asks hopefully)?
Answer from Tim C
Hi Susan, unfortunately we do not have the boot in the shop yet to check the bsl so we did not want to post the bsl until we could double check it. The boot should be arriving soon and when it does we will make sure to check the bsl. With that said, the 22.5 will be a different shell then the 23.5 and if the size run that we do have data for is any indication, I think it is a good bet that the bsl of the 22.5 will be 255mm.

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Question from Benjamin Youngheim
Curious what I would be aiming for in size, coming from a 28.5 Tecnica Zero G guide pro with a 323mm bsl, have worn a 28.5 boot for alpine boots as well. thinking I may want to step up to a 29.5 in this boot based on the BSL being about one size smaller than normal?
Answer from Jeff
Hello Ben, from just this, I would say you would still be a 28.5. Boot sole length is just the length of the sole and is not a measurement of the internal size of the boot. This boot is like a lot of touring boots, where the sole length is shorter as compared to an alpine boot for improved hiking and lighter weight. You can fill out boot fitter for a detailed look into sizing.
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Question from Brian H
What kind of fit are we looking at here? Some of you know my skinny-ass feet. How do they match up?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Brian, you ski on Aliens and the Skorpius didn't work for you. Dalbello says these are 99mm last and JBO says they are narrow. I did try on (too big for me) and would say comparable to the Alien RS, so is the liner. A proper footbed would always help, but adding precious grams. I can say they are stiffer than the RS and would be downhill performance upgrade.
Answer from Brian H
It wasn't that the Skorpius didn't work. It was just that it was nearly the same weight as the F1 so I didn't think I was gaining much by switching to it. The RS and Alien served the purpose better.

My next question would be how the downhill performance between the Dalbello and the F1 LT stacks up. I'm always wary of the cord durability. The F1 deals with that nicely.
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