Height:5' 8"
Weight:225 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

My favority skiing is sub-alpine to alpine touring on Mt. Rainier, skiing down slopes from 35+ (prefering 20-35), including glaciers (Nisqually, Paradise, etc.); I used to ski bc 12 months/yr, now my season is October thru July. I do 10-20 days of lift-served, preferring off-piste, sidecountry, etc. And I do 10 days or so of XC, either 3-pin or AT.

My Gear

TLT6 M; Scarpa F-1; Mercury; Dalbello Panterra 120; Fischer 3-pin boot.
Movement Alp Tracks 100, Shift, and Vertex-X; Dynafit Cho Oyu; Voile Vector BC and V8; Fischer Outtabounds, Motive 93 ti, Ranger 98 ti.
Dynafit Guide Radical, Superlite 2.0; Hagan Core 12; Plum Guide, Yak; Marker Kingpin; Voile 3-pin. Tyrolia Attack 13.

Recent Posts

P.S. She skied them well out of the box for 3 consecutive days with ease; here's a pic from the 2nd day:
My wife decided to give her 6-year-old, MP24.5, TLT5 boots to her 12-year-old granddaughter whose foot measures the same and fits well in the boot. So, we needed new boots. Skimo Co recommended the Procline AR as a boot whose interior dimensions are most similar to the TLT5. She really liked the colors and looks of the boot, but the MP24.5 Procline, however, was too tight and too short; we exchanged for the 25.5 and the fit was great out of the box, no thermolding necessary; with time she will probably a...
Bought these for my wife's 75th birthday, here's her review: First day out, very happy with them. Skied extremely well; no effort. Just go. Very light weight and good looking too! Matches the green on my TLT5 boots.
What a great binding. Refined. Well engineered, thoroughly thought out in so many ways. Read the description. Very light. Only ~5 oz/binding more than the Superlite 2.0 with B&D adjustment plate and antitwist; add the SL brakes and it is pretty much a wash for weight, but the Core gives you adjustable lateral and vertical release values, flat on heel and 4 heel lifts (SL 2.0 with antiwist gives you flat on heel w/o brakes and two low heel lifts). Add the adj. plate & antitwist and the price difference d...
Skimo set these up for me with Hagan Core bindings and Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide skins. I was looking for a ski as much of a crusher as my 177 Movement Shift (137-98-125; 3,642 g/pair with Plum Guides w/o brakes) but lighter, these are 177 cm, 132-100-120, and 3,170 g/pair with the Core bindings (w brakes). The Shifts (very similar to the newer Control) are great skis for heavier muscular guys and require strong input, I've enjoyed them greatly. But they tend to hook in trap crust (styrofoam like crust th...

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