Height:5' 8"
Weight:210 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

My favority skiing is sub-alpine to alpine touring on Mt. Rainier, skiing down slopes from 35+ (prefering 20-35), including glaciers (Nisqually, Paradise, etc.); I used to ski bc 12 months/yr, now my season is October thru July. I do 10-20 days of lift-served, preferring off-piste, sidecountry, etc. And I do 10 days or so of XC, either 3-pin or AT.

My Gear

TLT6 M; Scarpa F-1; Mercury; Dalbello Panterra 120; Fischer 3-pin boot.
Movement Alp Tracks 100, Vertex-X; Voile Vector BC and V8; Fischer Outtabounds, Motive 93 ti, Ranger 98 ti.
Dynafit Guide Radical, Superlite 2.0; Hagan Core 12; Plum Yak; Marker Kingpin; Voile 3-pin. Tyrolia Attack 13.

Recent Posts

Thanks, jbo! Still doing my homework, looking for a replacement for my aging TLT6--something a little stiffer and just a little taller and lighter or just about the same weight and that walks as well as the TLT6 without accessory tongue; I use my 6 with my Movement Vertex-X. It wouldn't hurt if it could also replace my Scarpa F-1 that I use with my Alp Tracks 100. LOL It looks like this boot or the TLT8 might do the job; I'm waiting to see your evaluations of the Carbonio and Expedition CR. :-)
It is not clear to me where this boot fits in. Looks like in last it is comparable to the original TLT6, wider than the TLT5. In weight it is comparable to the TLT8, depending on liner; TLT8C has a "custom light" and TLT8E has a "custom ready" liner and the CR is more comparable to the Palau and Intuition after-market liners that most people would replace the CL with off the bat. No information on cuff height or on "flex". I'm looking for a boot that has slightly more metatarsal width than the TLT5 and...
I'm confused--our write-up in "Words" and Dynafits write-up says a taller cuff and a narrower last, which I presume means snugger ankle and heel pockets given the 103 forefoot width.
Previously, in response to the boot fitter questionnaire, Trace suggested the Movement Freetour or the Arc'teryx. There is no way I can try either on and the nearest bootfitter is a full day trip. So here's my status: I've worn MP29 in 6 different Dynafit boots; I wear a 28.5 in the Scarpa F1. Hiking boots/bike shoes are US 11, EU 44.5-45. My best fitting hikers are leather Scarpas with PU midsoles. I wear orthotics: 1 custom, green Superfeet, black Superfeet, and Specialize BG. Several reviews, and my...
How does the cuff height, specifically at the top buckle/strap compare to the TLT6 and Scarpa F1? I'm looking for a little more support and I'm using Booster Straps behiind the accessory tongue on the TLT6 and in front of the tongue on the F1 (due, IMHO, to the F1 having less ramp angle than the TLT6 and thus keeping the full forward lean with the strap, but the strap working to its utmost behind the tongue on the 6 :-) ). It looks like the buckle on the Movement is high enough to preclude the use of a B...

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