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Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CR Boot

Brand: Dynafit
Model: TLT8 Expedition
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The boot for the unwashed masses, the common backcountry skier who has big dreams but sleeps through the alarm as often as they make it out of bed in time! Don't misunderstand, this boot is top-of-the-line European engineering at its finest: with tech like the Speed Nose and Cramp-In system, who else besides Dynafit could have designed it? No, the only common or unwashed thing about this boot is the foot that goes inside it. The capabilities of the TLT8 Expedition boot place it in the middle of the road between the lycra-wearing skimo racer and the couloir-skiing, peak-bagging ski mountaineer. With a nearly friction-free 60 degree range of motion, the TLT8 Expedition is ready to walk all day, even if you aren't, and an updated, simple two-part buckle system gets you cinched down and ready to ski faster and easier than the previous model. A stiff Lambda frame serves as the skeleton of the boot, while the fully moldable CR boot liner can be fit to cater to all your strange podiatric needs. This is a boot which you will love from your first day until your last day.

  • Extra roomy 103mm last and Dynafit's moldable CR liner make for a very comfortable and customizable boot.
  • Ultra Lock 4.0 has an updated glove-friendly lever, but is otherwise unchanged because the previous systems have worked so darn well.
  • Compatible with the Cramp-In crampon system, the TLT8 Expedition streamlines crampon use and give users a unique automatic crampon option.
  • Lambda frame provides the power and structure that makes this boot ski so solidly, and a slightly taller cuff now further enhances that power transmission.
  • Two ratcheting buckles replace the single cable closure system seen on the TLT7 line, greatly simplifying a system that mostly worked but felt somewhat complex.
  • The Dynafit Speed Nose moves the burly Master Step inserts back a few millimeters towards the ball of the feet, leading to a more ergonomic pivot and eliminating some weight by losing the toe lugs.

-> ounces
1211g [27.0]
Weight (pair) 2422g [27.0]
Buckles Ultra Lock 4.0
Boot Sole Length 273mm [25/25.5]
283mm [26/26.5]
293mm [27/27.5]
303mm [28/28.5]
313mm [29/29.5]
323mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 60°
Forward Lean(s) 15°, 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Shell - Grilamid, Cuff - Grilamid with glass fibers
Liner Custom Ready
Sole Formula Pomoca Climb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring of all kinds in cold conditions.
Notes Warm, comfy and adjustable addition to the TLT family.
Bottom Line Superior TLTs for your next Expedition.
Question from Christian
Curious what the flex is on these? I have previously skied the TLT6 and loved them with tongues, but could barely stand skiing down w/o tongues; currently I ski without the tongues in Vulcans for all my backcountry skiing. I found the flex of the F1 to not be quite as stiff as I like. I know you (probably) can't read minds, but what are your thoughts on how I might like the flex of these? Or for the extra 100g or so, would the Zero G's do better?
Answer from TSB
Hi Christian! Clearly you belong in an efficiency-focused German-designed boot, and maybe some wiener schnitzel as a post-ski snack. The TLT series has, across the comparable models, become consistently stiffer and more performative since the TLT5, so I think you'd find the TLT8 (Expedition) flex to be at least as stiff as the TLT6 (Mountain) with tongues in. You could also consider the even-stiffer cuff on the Carbonio version, maybe with a side of schwarzbier.
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