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Contour Hybrid Mix Skins

Brand: Contour
Model: Hybrid Variocut
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The Hybrid glue system from Contour solves the stickiest skin problem. That is designing a glue strong enough to adhere to the backing but not so strong that you can’t separate a skin from itself. Contour achieved this goal by using multiple layers of glue. An especially sticky formula rests against the skin which is covered in another layer of less tacky glue that keeps the interface manageable. The resulting Hybrid glue system is easy to use and reliable. It’s also easy to maintain, since you can simply wash the skin with detergent to refresh the stickiness. Attached to the fancy adhesives is a mix of fibers that also blends multiple goals: grip, glide, and durability. This is achieved with Contour’s signature mohair woven with some rugged nylon. The Hybrid Mix skins offer the benefits of newer glue formulas with the reliability of traditional fare.

  • Hybrid glue technology offers good adhesion even in low temperatures.
  • Glue is easy to pull apart and can be washed to refresh the tack.
  • 70% mohair / 30% nylon blend is a good all-around fiber formula.
  • Attached adjustable tail clips fit securely on just about any ski out there.
  • Vario front clips can adapt to various width skis, tip holes, slots, etc.
  • Universal kits are 195cm which you cut to length and add the included tips.
  • 38mm and 50mm are great for Nordic skis or long flat approaches.
  • Included mesh skin savers preserve the glue for long-term storage.
  • Also includes a carry bag and a trimmer for customizing the side cut.
Skin Size Included Tip Bracket(s)
110mm 85mm
120mm 85mm
130mm 95mm
Universal 85, 95, and 105mm

Additional brackets available, listed as Vario Buckles.

Question from Paul L
Hi, I bought these Hybrid Mix skins from Skimo and they have been awesome. Was getting some glopping in new snow at around freezing last week. Figure some kind of wax will help this issue. I see the liquid wax and bar wax from contour. Can I assume the liquid is more a general purpose glide wax, and the bar is for glopping? Thanks for any guidance
Answer from Nate
Hi Paul, both waxes have their place. I like to use the liquid as a pre-treatment to help with glide and prevent saturation and the bar wax as a field treatment when glopping becomes a problem.
Answer from Paul L
Thanks Nate..figured that might be the case...so i bought them both! And as far as how much to use...I suppose I'll just "know" by feel?
Answer from Nate
Hi Paul, I'd say to make sure you cover the skin thoroughly but not to excess.
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Question from Paul Lohnes
I have a new pair of Fisher Hannibal 170 with SIDECUT 126-94-112. Which model do you suggest
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Paul! To reflect current stock, I'd go with the 120m x 169-176cm as that will give you full coverage tip to tail, but ideally the 110mm width would be the one I'd go with to optimize glide, especially while breaking trail.
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Question from Kai
I've got some new skis coming; 131/99/111 178's. Can you suggest the correct size?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kai, the 110 Universal kit will be a nice balance of grip and glide. Full coverage in the tail where it's most important but leaving some base exposed near the tip for glide.
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Question from Paul L
Are these the most recent hybrid mix skin model? I have read there was some glue issues in prior versions. Thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Paul, we got the majority of our skins replenished at the beginning of this season so whatever the latest version Contour has available in the US is what we've got on the shelves!
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Question from ken
what do a pair of 110mm wide, 180 cm long skins weigh?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ken, they are about 320 grams uncut, full length (195).
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