Height:5' 11"
Weight:165 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.50
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

Grew up alpine ski racing through freshman year in college and then switched over to bump skiing and eventually coaching full time at a ski academy level for several years, on snow 120+ days a year including camps in the summer. At the same time was always an endurance athlete - many years of racing as a triathlete (200 + triathlons, many Ironmans including several in Kona) and also bike racing and mtn run racing. Had a 5+ year layoff from alpine and for years have had friends say I should try skimo racing. Once i actually got my head around the type of gear that exists i was psyched to try it. Got a used lightweight skimo race setup and super pumped to race. Just been testing myself on Strava. Been smashing myself skinning uphill in Stowe, VT (about 2000ft of vert per lap). Can't wait to race! This sport is like a drug. The endurance athlete in me gets major satisfaction and the inner ski bum gets to make turns. Couldn't be happier.

My Gear


Atomic MX20 size 161
Dynafit Speed turn bindings
Dynafit TLT5 Performance

Recent Posts

hey guys do you know what the weight of this is with the battery and strap?
Any kind of epoxy? Is there a brand that's better than others?
Ah ok Well while I have you - do you happen to know what kind of epoxy is recommended for Atomic Backland Descenders?
thanks guys - i actually just ordered a set of new radical heels from you instead of trying to tinker with this.
In the image above the red heel is installed correctly while the green is not. Heels will break if installed like the green heel above.

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