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When the conversation about a “quiver of one” ski gets brought up in backcountry skiing circles, inevitably the Voile V6 is discussed as a contender. It’s well-balanced underfoot width, just the right amount of rocker for soft conditions, and ample camber for confident edge grip leave little to be desired in just about any snow condition. The only way it could really improve in our eyes is if it could lose some weight.

Enter the Hyper V6. Combining the sublime performance of the V6 with Voile’s buttery paulownia + carbon core construction, the HV6 has raised the bar. The Hyper series gives up precious little in terms of backcountry ski performance but loses significant grams, perhaps narrowing the discussion about the ultimate quiver of one.

  • Round flex pattern is confidence inspiring and buttery smooth.
  • Tip-to-tail edges are 2mm thick and aren’t afraid of a little abuse.
  • Polyamide top sheet is abrasion and scratch resistant.
  • Black p-tex bases are hardy, fast, and hold wax well.

Update 2022/23: Slight yet well thought out adjustments to the top sheet will really help this ski stand out on the skin track.

Lengths (cm) 163, 173, 178, 183, 188
convert to ounces
1145g [163]
1255g [173]
1300g [178]
1375g [183]
1400g [188]
Weight (pair) 2290g [163]
2510g [173]
2600g [178]
2750g [183]
2800g [188]
Dimensions   126-96-108 [163]
129-98-110 [173]
131-99-111 [178]
133-100-113 [183]
139-102-115 [188]
Turn Radius   17m [163]
18m [173]
18.5m [178]
19m [183]
20m [188]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape   Rounded tip & tail w/ medium radius
Construction   Cap
Core   Paulownia wood and carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage The good times got lighter
Notes Very easy to ski
Bottom Line Easy all-rounder
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Questions & Reviews

zeke (used product a few times)
Great ski! Did a lot of research to find something light and versatile and I have to say this is it! Just got down from a weird wintery spring slush chunky ice/fresh day and these skis still made the snow in the trees enjoyable. Obviously, they are light so they don't just plow through everything but for the weight, they are incredible.

Mounted them with an old pair of Dynafit Radical STs and the Dalbello Quantum Asolo Factory.
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Griffin H (downright abused product)
I love these skis. I have these mounted up to Dynafit Speed Radicals, leaving them super light and nimble. They feel like they ski impossibly well for how light they are: They float well on boot top powder days, but they're skinny enough to hold an edge on dicey hard pack. They can even hold a solid turn on a groomer.

There are a few downsides: The top sheets seem to be more easily damaged than other skis I have owned, and like all light touring skis they can feel a bit 'pingy' due to how light they are.

Bottom line: These skis seem to be under appreciated on the internet, but are epic all around shredders for light missions.
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Stephen C (used product regularly)
I bought these skis as my first backcountry ski based on them being billed as very easy to ski. While I guess that's true, their performance and durability underwhelmed me. I found them to lack power, quickness, and flotation in the 173cm length. In addition, the cap construction lacked durability and the edges rust rather easily.
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Question from Michael Kittleson
Hi, I am looking to purchase a set of Voile Hyper V6 skis in size 178. On one site it says that you have a pair but on your web site I cannot find them. Just wondering if you do have a pair for sale thankyou Mike
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out. Yes, we have all lengths in stock and available in the drop list above. If it is not working for you, please give us a call to place the order 801-942-9084 (M-Sat 11-6).
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Question from Cole Myers
I am curious if you all have experience with the Voile Supercharger? I really like the Voile brand and am looking for a solid PNW touring ski that can stand up to the variable snow conditions (not just Utah champagne powder!). I feel the added weight of the Supercharger vs Voile's marketed touring skis will help provide a more damp, stiff ride through the often-times wet snow in the PNW. Thoughts?

Also, I am sitting at 5'10" around 170-173. I know we should err on the side of shorter for touring skis, but I am leaning towards the 185cm. Recently, I have tried the following:

Zag Ubac 95 in 178 (I own these and am fine with the length as it is my ski for long distances. Yet, I do find myself wanting more length on the downhill.)
Bent Chetler 110 in 180 (With the rockers I felt these were too short. Really was wanting for more length.)
Season Nexus in 183 (I loved these. The length felt amazing all over the mountain from chopped crud to powder to tight trees.)

Not sure if there is a crowd of touring folks who just run longer skis and sacrifice a bit of uphill performance for the added downhill performance?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Cole! The SuperChargers or the HyperChargers are an ideal ski for what you are looking to do. Both are incredibly versatile, damp, and powerful. As you suspected the SuperChargers will ultimately provide a more damp feel, however, the HyperChargers do not fall short behind and strike a great balance of weight and performance.
In terms of length, although sometimes more nuanced than the general theory suggests, I typically lean towards going with a personal preference and the ski's intent. Differences are often subtle. With that, in your case, the 185cm would be a great choice.
I've spent a good amount of time on a few of the skis you listed, particularly the Nexus. Either Chargers have a similar flex pattern and feel, however, the Chargers have more tail working for you, giving them the edge in firm conditions.
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Question from Brett
I'm 6'-7", 170lbs and I'm considering the hyper V6. Right now I ski 191cm Dynafit Stokes which I like in the pow. I mostly try to keep to good powder spots but of course exiting the skin track is always a necessary evil which can be tricky for me. Just curious about your thoughts on V6. The longest they go is 188 so I'm wondering if that will give enough float, especially since they are a little narrower as well. I like the idea of a little shorter ski for maneuverability.
Answer from jbo
Hi Brett, the V6 is much more nimble than the Stokes, and being slightly shorter and noticeably lighter you will be able to whip it around easier on those exits. While the Hyper V8 193 would be the ultimate powder ski for you, the HV6 could be a bit more practical.
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Nels N (used product regularly)
Got these for last season, and put a little over 30 days on them, both backcountry, resort, and a few skimo races. As you can see, they've been my quiver of one (as I'm a bit green to the scene, having finally given up tele), and they've been a fantastic quiver of one at that! Light enough for enjoyable uphills, and more than enjoyable for the descents. Definitely shines in the powder, and does well enough on the resort crud/ice. I'm 5'11" 150lb and got the 173cm skis.
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Question from Ty J.
So I was looking into these skis for my go-to everyday driver in the backcountry. I have zero-g 95s in the 178 length for my spring corn/ski mountaineering ski, armada tracer 108 in the 188 length for my pow hunting and short day ski, so looking to fill the void between the two with this ski. I am 6'2" and 175lbs and I ski many skis in the 183-186cm length so was looking to get the 183cm length in these skis. Do you think this is appropriate? Or should I downsize to the 178? I know different ski manufacturers measure in slightly different ways, so want to make sure these don't run long/short compared to the masses. I know kickturns will be easier on the shorter pair, but I'm afraid with the deep tip rocker they will ski short if I downsize to the 178cm. Thoughts? Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Hi TY, First, Voile measures their skis the same as most manufacturers. K2 is the most notable outlier.
You are tall, but at 175lbs, not too heavy and you should be able to ski a shorter ski fine. The V6 is foremost a powder ski, and has a good bit of rocker, so getting a longer size is not bad. Also, these are crazy light, so the 183cm is Pounds lighter than your Tracers.
I am going in circles, just to say it is what you prefer. They are only 5cm apart, many skis are 7-10cm between sizes. If you want to save some weight and have a bit quicker turning ski, the 178cm should be fine.
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Question from Jim
I ski the voile ultravector in the Backcountry but I find it a bit stiff for pow. I was considering buying the V6 but like the lightness of the hyper V6. Does the carbon in the hv6 bring the stiffiness back up to that of the ultravector?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Jim, thanks for your question! Though the carbon core does increase the rigidity of this ski for its weight, it is still very easygoing with a preference for soft snow. If you are coming from the Ultravector seeking a lighter weight, slightly more forgiving ski, the Hyper V6 could be a stellar choice!
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Question from Brad Kitchens

Thanks for putting out such a great product. I just bought my second pair of v8s this season and I've been skiing voile for 8 seasons now and love the skis. Transitions between turns are amazing!

I was looking at getting a ski for steep couloirs and ski mountaineering and was interested in the hyper v6 in either a 178 or 183. Im 6.4 and 190 and an intermediate/expert skier. Do you think this will be a good length for the purpose of making tight turns in overall variable snow conditions?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Brad,

Based on your dimensions, I would say the 183cm length makes sense for a daily driver length. However, if you are looking for something spring specific, I would consider the 178cm length.

The 183cm length will offer more float. However, the shorter length will be more maneuverable, and lighter for those really long days! Also, for tight quarters, the 178cm length will definitely beat out the 183. For further ski questions, feel free to reach out to!
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JDT (downright abused product)
With all due respect to jbo, ebunce, and the phenomenal crew, despite the wonderful selection of skis sold at your shop, there is only one “best” ski. And for powder, crud, wind-jacked, and sun beaten unconsolidated snow, that ski is the HV6. Due to its robust camber, it also performs well on hard surfaces. Look no further. Just figure out your length, buy some lightweight bindings and mohair skins and go skiing.
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Question from Nels
What length would you recommend? I'm 5'11" 150lb intermediate skier. 173s? I only get out a few times each year, typically backcountry but plan to get a season pass this year. I've only ever skied old hand-me-down tele skis from the 80s (which might be why I don't get many days in - I can keep up on the uphills, but never on the downhills). Think this would be a good ski for me?
Answer from eric
Nels- The Hyper V6 would be a perfect ski for you! The 173cm ski sounds like the correct length for you too.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Nels,
At your height, you could go with either the 173 or 178. The 173 will be more nimble and playful, and will be a touch lighter on the uphill and make kick-turns a tad easier. On the other hand, the 178 will offer more float on powder and unconsolidated snow and will offer more stability at speed on in-bounds trails.
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Question from Curt
Howdy, Im 6ft 3 and 200lbs without pack and gear. What length of the V6 would you recommend? I like to drop knees and only do touring. Thanks
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Curt. Either the 183 or 188 would be a great size! If you want a ski that is nimble, lighter, and easier to handle on the skin track, go with the 183. If you value flotation on the deep days and increased stability at speed, go with the 188. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
These skis are amazing. My fifth pair of skis. I’ve used a Dynafit Cho, BD Helio 88 and 105 and Movement 100s.

By far my favorite ski of the bunch. If I had to describe these in one word it is effortless.

You can tell the engineers at Voile have built a ski to favor it’s backyard in the Wasatch. While not the lightest ski of the bunch that I have used it isn’t heavy by any means.

The ski wants powder. That is where it excels. I’ve pretty much replaced them as my powder skis and have found that I can stay on top until about 20”. After that I sink from time to time but those type of storms don’t happen every day.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this ski to anyone. It’s friendly to learn on, has personality, pops a bit. Just fun.

The journey for Excalibur is over.
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Alex (used product a few times)
Was able to demo these at the Alpenglow BC Demo Day at Alpine Meadows in 2020 and these skis were awesome. Super light but felt super secure skiing top to bottom laps in the resort at speed. a little too narrow for what I was looking for at the time but if I was back in CO this would have been a great daily driver.
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Question from MC Dubs
I've been skiing La Sportiva GTs (177cm) for a few seasons in the Sierra and love the light weight and versatility. Your review of these skis nailed it: "the GT is equally at home in all conditions" ( But while it's a jack of all trades I struggle in variable backcountry conditions and bigger days -- and I'm not a confident enough skier to push these as hard as they feel like they need to go. I'm 5'10/180 pounds and I'm not trying to go fast in the backcountry. If I'm looking for a second ski for my quiver that is going to be maneuverable at slower speed but still lightweight for bigger day/overnight trips would you recommend the Voile Hyper 6? Also looking at DPS Wailer 99 Tour1 and Movement Alp Tracks 100/89 but definitely open to suggestions. And should I consider going down in length? Thanks
Answer from Tristan M
Hi MC Dubs,

Thanks for reaching out! The Voile Hyper V6 will be a more forgiving and playful ski, perfect for lower speeds in the backcountry. If you have any further questions, shoot us an email at, and we can help you narrow in on a great ski choice for your second quiver slot.
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Question from Rachel
I am 5'4", 125 lb, and the skis that I pick up most often (older Icelantic Nomads, no rocker) are 156 cm. I like my skis to be very nimble and easy to get off the ground, and I ski 95% backcountry, including tight trees/narrow terrain/weird snow (but little in the way of groomers or resort hardpack). I also ski on a soft-ish BC boot and tech bindings, and make shorter, frequent turns over open, high-speed turns.

I would appreciate any insights into which skis best match my skiing style--in particular, I'm looking at the Voile V6 and Supercharger. Thanks in advance.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Rachel,

Thanks for reaching out! Generally, the Voile V6 is intended for softer snow conditions, and is slightly more rockered in the tip and tail. We do not carry the Voile SuperCharger, but we do carry the Voile HyperCharger, which is the lighter newer construction. The HyperCharger has slightly less rocker, slightly more effective edge, and is intended to be more of a daily driver. Send us an email at, and we will be happy to help you hone in on the right ski for you!
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Question from Ben
What length would you recommend for 6'2", 185 lbs 45 years old?

I am a very strong advanced skier, but not expert. I'm getting older, so not as aggressive as I once was. I have experience helisking, bumps, powder, trees etc. Skiing in California primarily and Utah a little.

I am interested in the hyper v6 for touring and resort skiing.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Ben, The Hyper V6 is most at home in the backcountry. For light and easier kick turns for old knees (45 is more like in the Prime) the size 178cm would be sweet.
If this is going to be your one and only for resort and touring, the Hyper Vector in the 183cm would be a better choice in resorts and BC. If you want to discuss more, please contact us at
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Question from bob
I think the Hyper V6 fits the bill for what I am looking for.
Any other skis that you carry that are similar width,weight,rockered...?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Bob. This is perhaps one of the best "quiver of one" skis, especially when geared more towards softer snow. The Mythic 97 is another soft snow oriented "quiver of one," however, with a few differences. The Mythic has a shorter turning radius (15 meters in a 177) than the V6. The Mythic also sports a flatter tail, which will make it a more confident carver. Essentially, they both are geared towards soft snow but the Mythic is more geared towards carving while the V6 is "slarvier." Hope this helps!
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Question from Michael
Looking at maybe picking up these skis, torn on the size, 178 vs 183. They would be a lightweight pow hunting ski in my quiver.

I'm 5'10" 180 lbs. I ski the Blizzard Zero Gs (95 in spring and 108 in mixed winter conditions) in a 178 and like the size. Pow skis are Backland 107s in a 182. Longest ski I own is a 186 resort pow ski.

Will 178 have enough support/float at my size? I'm thinking yes based on your prior comments.

Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, as a powder-specific ski in your quiver it might make sense to get the longer version, but I think it would only be the very deepest days where you would miss those 5cms. All the other days you'll likely enjoy easier kick turns on the 178.
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