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Atomic Boot Parts

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Wear out your instep cable? Break a buckle on your Backlands? Check out our offerings of Atomic replacement parts for your boots.

Items in these listings are sold as single parts unless listed otherwise:

Backland Frictionless Pivot- Keeps the cuff rotating around and attached to the lower shell

Backland Cuff buckle- Upper buckle on the cuff for all Backland boots

Backland Shell buckle- Lower shell buckle to hold your foot in place

Backland Shell cable- Lower shell cable to work in conjunction with Shell Buckle. Comes in different sizes for your boot.

Backland Free Lock Ski/Walk mechanism- Ski/walk mechanism located on the rear spine of the boot

Backland Cable Guide- Inside of the foot guide for lower cable

Backland Cuff Buckle Catch- The curved plate with teeth to catch the cuff buckle.

Question from Ludwig Long
I have the hawks ultra 130 xtd Are you offering a 13 degree forward lean adjustment for this boot, the 15 degree is just too far forward . When will it be available. Thanks for your help in this matter. Lud
Answer from Nate
Hi Ludwig, thanks for asking. I've looked into the Atomic parts selection and do not see a 13 degree forward lean option. If one becomes available, we will follow up on this and let you know.
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Question from Jason richards
Do you have this atomic b metal replacement part?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jason! Unfortunately that's a negative! :(
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Question from Marie
Hey there, I'm looking for the lower shell buckle for the women's boot. It has teeth. Actually, the buckle is fine, it's the wire "clip" that keeps the cable in place when you have the buckle up in tour mode that's missing. Are any of these the buckle with teeth that's on a women's boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Marie! Hopefully it's on the other boot! Can you email us a picture? That'll make sure nothing gets lost in translation!
Answer from Marie R
Yes! Here’s the one that lost the “clip”.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Marie! Wow, so sorry for the slow reply! Dang, that's a bummer! Yup, that's called the "Shell Buckle" and unfortunately we are totally out of those at the moment (and might not be ordering any more actually). At any rate, if you pop the tongues out during a tour you might be able to get away with keeping that one buckled up during a tour. Otherwise yeah that would definitely be a pain to have it fall off the time. Sorry I couldn't get you a better answer! I'll keep your email handy if we do end up ordering some more of those though!
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Question from James
Does the Free Lock Walk/Ski mechanism come as just the bar or is it the full assembly with screws to attach to boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey James. Full assembly for one boot included!
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Question from Charles
Hi - I wanted to see if you could send me the lengths of the different cable sizes. Trying to fit a pair of backlands and I want to make sure I order the right one. Also, wanted to confirm that these are sold individually and not in Pairs? Thanks!! Charles
Answer from jbo
Hi Charles, not sure what you mean by lengths...they are sold based on the mondo size of the boot (there is a range in the drop list selection). And yes, they are sold individually.
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