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Wear out your instep cable? Break a buckle on your Backlands? Check out our offerings of Atomic replacement parts for your boots. Items in these listings are sold individually as single parts unless listed otherwise.

Backland Frictionless Pivot - Keeps the cuff rotating around and attached to the lower shell. Sold individually, two would repair one boot, 4 would repair a full set of boots.

Backland Cuff Buckle - Upper buckle on the cuff (for all Backland boots except for the Ultimate)

Backland Shell Buckle - Lower shell buckle to hold your foot in place (for all Backland boots)

Backland Shell Cable - Lower shell cable to work in conjunction with Shell Buckle. Comes in different sizes for your boot. (for all Backland boots)

Hawx XTD / Pre 19/20 Backland Ski/Walk Mechanism - Lock 2.0 mechanism located on the rear spine of the boot. Sold individually. (for all XTD and Pre 2019/20 Backland boots except for the Ultimate)

Backland Carbon Cable Guide - Inside of the foot guide for lower cable. (for all Backland boots)

Backland Carbon Cuff Buckle Catch - The curved plate with teeth to catch the cuff buckle. (for all Backland boots)

Backland Ultimate Cord and Strap Loop - Dyneema cord for the cuff including the metal strap loop. (only for Ultimate)

Hawx Ultra XTD Buckle Shell - Lower buckle on the lower shell used in either position

Hawx Ultra XTD Buckle Cuff - Upper cuff buckle for either position

Hawx Ultra XTD Shell Catch Small - Lower shell toe catch

Hawx Ultra XTD Shell Catch Large - Lower shell instep catch

Hawx Ultra XTD Cuff Catch - Upper cuff catch for either position. Comes with the extra latch for walk mode.

Hawx XTD Base Plate 15/17 Degrees - Replacement forward lean (only for Hawx)

Hawx XTD Base Plate 13/19 Degrees - Replacement forward lean (only for Hawx)

Hawx XTD Buckle Cuff - Upper cuff buckle for either position. Works with Hawx Ultra XTD boots, but has a silver backing plate instead of black.

Hawx XTD Buckle Instep - Instep buckle on the shell. Works with Hawx Ultra XTD boots, but has a silver backing plate instead of black.

Hawx XTD Buckle Toe - Lowest buckle on the shell. Works with Hawx Ultra XTD boots, but has a silver backing plate instead of black.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Patrick
The left instep buckle on my Salomon S/Lab MTN boots broke recently, and I'm curious whether the analogous part for Atomic Hawx XTD would fit. Based on the pictures, it seems more or less the same. Curious to hear your thoughts, and thanks in advance!
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Patrick. While I don't have an MTN boot on hand, I believe we've done the same fix for another. Would definitely give it a try.
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Question from Christian
I have an Atomic Backland alpine boot. The tab inside has broken, see photo. Is this part available?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Christian, thanks for reaching out! While we don't have that part available, if you reach out to Atomic directly, they may be able to help you out!
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Question from Justin
Do you have any plans to carry the "newer" Cuff Catch/Ladder for the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD boot, that has the buckle retainer (the spring loaded bar, that covers the ladder)?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Justin, if you wanted to email us at and we could check with Atomic to see if we could order it.
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Question from R C
Do you have plans or an ETA to get the new dual strap in stock?
Answer from Ian C
Hey R C, looks like a pretty sweet strap. I believe that part was made to be paired with Atomic's alpine boots, so we won't be seeing those here. However, we do have a number of other straps for the Backland and Hawx boot series arriving soon!
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Question from Brad Petersen
My daughter broke the rear spoilers on her black Atomic Backland Pros that we purchased from you. After eric made her new door beds she had a hard time getting the liner back in, which is how they broke. I came into the shop Saturday and was told to order it from Atomic. I contacted Atomic and they told me that you had to order them. (BACKLAND REAR COVER WHITE part number AZE001784+).
Answer from Will M
Hey Brad,

Sorry to hear about this issue and confusion! We're reaching out to Atomic right now and we'll get back to you ASAP!
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Question from Tyler
Do you all carry the XTD Free/Lock Base Plate 13/19", part number AZE001416? This should allow my Hawx 120 Ultra XTD to be change from 15/17 degree forward lean to 13/19 degree.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Tyler! This is available as "XTD Free/Lock Base Plate 13/19" from the drop down menu above. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Nik
Good day!

Will you be receiving any additional stock of the Hawx XTD Buckle - Toe, left and right position?

Many thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Nik, We do have an order for the Fall. If you can email us at, we can set you up for email notification for when they arrive.
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Question from Steve
Is the Backland Frictionless Pivot available at all?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Steve, we don't have any at the moment, but I've set up an alert so you'll get an email when it's back in stock!
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Question from Blair
Could you identify what item pertains to the picture of the bracket with 2 screws with inprints 15 and 17. My screw broke off inside this bracket on the HAWX Ultra XTD 130 26.5 and i need a new backing bracket for this.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Blair, thanks for reaching out! Here's the part you need.
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Question from Tjaard B
In the drop down menu to actually buy the parts, it lists a “Hawx Cuff buckle Left”, and an “Hawx Instep Buckle Right”.
Is one of those a typo perhaps?
And, do I understand you that these Hawx buckles are the first gen, with the extension on the ladder, not the second gen, with the clip over the ladder and the slider in the buckle?
Answer from Jeff
Hello Tjaard, I don't see anything wrong with the first two items. We are out of the right cuff and Left instep buckles.
The Hawx Cuff catch is the one with the extension. Do not have he one with a clip.
Answer from Tjaard B
Oh, of course, stupid of me!
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Question from Daniel
Is the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD replacement Cuff Catch (aka buckle ladder) the newer-style catch with the touring clip that keeps the buckle from flopping around when unbuckled? Similar to the Backland style catch?

Would like to replace the buckle catches on my first-gen Hawx XTD 120.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Daniel, the replacement cuff catch we carry is going to be that older model without the touring clip, so it should work just fine for your first-gen Hawx XTDs!
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Question from Chuck Wagenheim
The Allen wrench screw that holds the rear lockdown catch on my Hawk XTD ultra 130 boots is missing can I get another one.I would also like to get extra screws for the top catch buckles on the same boot
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Chuck! We don't have any of those particular bolts in stock, however, please send us an email to and we would love to check to see if we can get them in! A quick solution also would be to go to your local hardware store to see if they have anything that will fit. Please reach out if you have any other questions!
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Question from Connor
Will you have any more of the long cables in soon? I tried ordering two but it said there was only 1 left in stock.
Answer from eric
Connor- Parts are getting hard to get this season. With that said we may be getting some more. My suggestion is to purchase the 1 we have and watch this page for some more.
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davep (used product regularly)
Ordered a shorter front cable to tighten up the fit of my backland boot a little. Basically ordered the one for the next size down and now I actually have some adjustment vs it just being as tight as I can get them. Worked out beautifully.

Thanks again.
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Question from Noah
Will this fit redstar 130 boot?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Noah, unsure which particular part you're looking at, but probably not. Atomic's buckle designs for their alpine boots are different than for their touring boots.
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Question from patrick l
I have a pair of 2019 Backland Ultimates. I'd like to remove the upper cuff cable to add a traditional cuff buckle like seen on other Backland models. Can you advise me on which parts I need to customize my boots? thanks!
Answer from Cole P
Hey Patrick, since there is not spot to mount the buckle catch you would need to drill a spot for them. Otherwise you would need two Backland Cuff buckle and two Backland Carbon Cuff Buckle Catch.
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Question from Michael
I need new bushings/pivots for my atomic backland carbons. They are the previous model year without the boa closure. Are the ones you have for sale compatible with the model of boots i have or are they for the current boa atomic Backlands?
Answer from Jeff
Michael, Atomic did us all a favor and use the same pivots throughout the Backland boots, past and present. They are exact replacements.
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Question from John Verzuh
Can I order some extra screws for my Atomic Hawk Ultra 130 boot? I need the screw that holds the Backland Ski/Walk mechanism- Lock mechanism to the boot. The boot was purchased in the 2017/2018 season. OR do you have the entire Backland Ski/Walk mechanism- Lock 2.0?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, John. Please shoot us an email at so we can better help you out!
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Question from Sarah W
Hi, Similar to the post from Marie R on 12/8/17, I have lost the shell buckle wire clip on my Backlands. I see this shell buckle listed but it appears to be out of stock. Any chance you will have it back in stock? The lack of clip is making the buckles even more fiddley...
Answer from Patrick C

Unfortunately we are not expecting any more shell buckles for the rest of the season. If you want to email us at we can set up a notification for you in the case that we are able to get more buckles.

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from Dan
Any idea on when you'll have the Backland Shell Buckle back in stock?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, unfortunately stock is looking thin for the rest of the season. We'll be trying to get more, but I don't have high hops.
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