Height:5' 10"
Weight:135 lbs
Shoe Size:US 8.50
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:10 - 24 days / year
My Skiing

Primarily backcountry touring, focusing on mileage and vertical, traverses, enchainments, etc. I do enjoy power laps as well. Goals mostly involve traverses of ranges in SW Montana

My Gear

Touring: Ski Trab Magico 171, Scarpa Aliens, Ski Trab Race (to be replaced). Powder: Volkl Nunataq 179, Dalbelo G-Tour Virus, Dynafit TLT Comfort.

Recent Posts

I took Trace's encouragement to get these over the Dynafits. They go on surprisingly easily. Ski crampons were a game-changer to me, and the ATKs leave nothing to be desired. Highly recommended! I am using these on Movement X-Session 169 (89 waist) with Dynafit Speed Radical toes. I have the 97mm version. It's a perfect fit.
I have two sets of these. One is mounted on SkiTrab Magicos (with SkiTrab toes), the other on Movement X-Sessions (with Dynafit toes). I'm 5'10", 136. Mostly, I've used them for enduro ski tours. I have pushed them pretty hard on steep descents. Overall, they have worked flawlessly. They are easy to manipulate. It's a simple and lightweight design. I do have a pair of the plastic risers, which I tend to use more on my Movements when I know I'm going to be setting tracks in the deep stuff. Thanks, Skimo guys...
YES! This is the ski I have been looking for! Thanks, guys for keeping a pair in stock. I'm 136 and went with the 169. I was looking for something to be my go-to for long tours with lots of vert, technical descents, and variable conditions. Mostly for late season (March-June). Although my SkiTrab Magicos have faired me well for long traverses, I was hoping for something a little more solid underfoot for steep hop turns, and just more enjoyable in powder. Mostly, I skied these with Aliens. In soft snow, it w...
Super psyched on these for late season enduro tours. They are a little on the small side. I'd recommend sizing up if you are in between. This was the first glove I've used with the overmitt, and I was surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Highly recommended!
In general, I'm not a BD fan, but this skin material is the best bang for the buck, in terms of durability, glide, and weight. I made custom skins for my SkiTrab Magicos, to be used for late season enduro tours. They performed really well in wet, sloppy junk. I do hot wax and brush them before every long tour. Skimo set me up with the tips. I messed up and ordered a little short, but was able to make them work. I have another pair of Glidelite skins with the BD tip and tail kits, but they fell apart quickly...

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