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Dynafit Broad Peak Carbon Pole


The Dynafit Broad Peak is one of the lightest two-piece poles on the market, weighing in at just 186 grams (6.6 ounces) without baskets. With a 100% carbon fiber shaft, the telescopic ski pole has a unique Safety Snap adjustment system that is safe, smooth, and simple to use. The patented positive-locking snap system uses notches to ensure the segments won't collapse together by accident, so you can confidently convert your arm strength into dynamic thrust. The Broad Peak poles also come with grip zones on the upper shaft so you can choke up on the uphill pole while steep skinning.

  • One size pole adjusts from 115cm (45.3 inches) to 145cm (57.1 inches).
  • Dynafit patented Safety Snap system eliminates unexpected sliding or telescoping of the 2 sections.
  • Adjust the pole with a smooth, simple movement of the hand to fixed-length markings easily read in a small window.
  • Large winter disc pole baskets help prevent sinking deep into powder (27 grams)..
  • Comfortable foam grips have neoprene straps that adjust to fit your hands.
  • Print grip zones on the carbon shaft let you quickly shorten the effective length when booting or steep skinning.

Update: These poles have been replaced by the Speed Varios.

Lengths (cm) 115 - 145 adjustable
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 426g
Sections 2
Grip Foam w/ neoprene strap
Basket & Tip Winter disc
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   100% carbon fiber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday touring
Notes Slick Safety Snap telescopic adjustment system
Bottom Line Lightest adjustable pole

Questions & Reviews

Question from Bob
These are great. Is it possible to get a locking mechanism? Mine broke. Or, is it possible to warrantee them? They are over five years old.
Answer from jbo
Hi Bob, unfortunately those are are a bit outside of the warranty period (Dynafit only has a lifetime guarantee on their bindings). We don't have parts either, so it might be time to look at the replacement.
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Aaron (used product regularly)
Realy solid lightweight pole! Thanks, guys, for recommending these. I've put about 25k vertical on them, including a 15 -mile day with about 8k over a few passes. I'm not super hard on gear, and rarely have stuff break (with the exception of some pos Swix carbon poles I got from, but I was reluctant to get these. However, with my preferred style of touring (lots of flats connecting peaks and ridgelines), low swing weight is of mega importance. Also, coming from a nordic race background, it's hard to not have carbon.
-Adjustability was easy, but you need to make sure the locking mechanism is fully in place. Once you get it, you get it.
-I appreciate the variety of indentations to create a truly customizable length. Great range from short to long. I'm 5'10" and had what I needed.
-I like the foam grips. Warm with thin gloves. Straps are fine.
-The tips are metal and seem super durable. Nice for poking in rocks while billy goating. See pic.
-The grip tape on the upper shaft is nicer than crappy foam.
-Baskets are just normal, but you can swap them out as desired.
Overall, a great value and highly recommended!
Reply from Aaron
Hey Trace, do you guys have replacement lower shafts for these? I snapped one. Probably cause I knicked it with my ski edge.
Reply from jbo
Hi Aaron, unfortunately we aren't able to get those separately. However if you e-mail us a photo we can try for a warranty.
Reply from Jonathan S
Aaron, any chance you want to sell just the upper shaft? Unfortunately I forgot to tell a friend borrowing my poles for a race that the upper shaft adjustment mechanism should be locked down only in increments of 2.5cm...
Reply from Aaron
Hi Jonathan, believe it or not, I still have it! Please email me (aaronhjelt at gmail dot com) and we can figure out how to get it to you.
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Question from Jenifer Kwasniewski
Can I buy these poles? It does not say they are out of stock, but I can't put them in my shopping cart.
Answer from jbo
Hi Jenifer, unfortunately these have been discontinued and are no longer available. Sorry!
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Question from Benoit
Do you sale replacement basket, such as the Dynafit butterfly race basket, that would fit those poles?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Benoit! Unfortunately, no. An adjustable pole with a nordic tip and race basket would be a really nice thing to have though (Dynafit, if you're reading this please consider making one).
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Question from marc
how solid is this pole (especially the construction below the basket) when used constantly to spin Plum heel lift rear bindings and when impacting ski edges that comes with every day touring
Answer from jbo
Hi Marc, it's certainly strong enough to turn a heel piece. Carbon fiber is less impact resistant that aluminum or titanal, however.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Overall: Five Stars for an innovative adjustable-length pole with weight and deflection that come closer to high-end nordic racing poles than to typical backcountry poles. So a great alternative for racing if you don’t want to ski down with really long fixed-length nordic poles. Only reservation would be for skiers who tend to break gear more often than others, as I have heard of durability concerns.

Background on product familiarity: I bought these over the summer, so only limited use thus far.

First, the first impressions out of the box: When I substituted some random disc-style baskets from my spare parts collection for the stock powder baskets, the weight per pole was less than an ounce heavier than some high-end ~135cm nordic racing poles. The deflection is more than a high-end nordic racing pole, but still far less than any other backcountry pole I’ve ever tried (whether carbon or aluminum). Once shortened down to my typical skiing length of about 122.5cm, the extremely low swing weight is almost disconcerting initially, as I thought maybe the lower section was gone.

The adjustment mechanism looks like the typical clamp at first, but instead relies on little notches/detents at 2.5cm increments. So you need to adjust the pole to the exact length, but once dialed in, the locking mechanism does not need to rely on high clamping tension. Although the pole can be shortened all the way down to 100cm for climbing (and grasped even shorter with the grippy zone beneath the pole grip), if you like to ski down with a length between 100cm and 115cm then look elsewhere, since the shaft lacks any notches in between those two lengths. For airing out any water after the tour, the sections do not come apart entirely, although almost the entire lower shaft is still exposed to dry out.

Second impressions, in use: These are the perfect poles for when I want the adjustability to dial in the ski length when coming down, yet still want to retain the light weight and low deflection of a nordic race pole for going up. Adjustment takes maybe a second or so longer than with a clamp-style adjustment mechanism, but even when doing some short 600-vertical laps it wasn’t a big deal.

The grip is more like a foam hiking/trekking pole, but still comfortable. The strap is easy to tighten up, and stays tight, although loosening it up is a bit trickier.

Third impressions, for long-term durability: The poles have a beautifully well-crafted look to them. Sure, they’re still just ski poles, but something about the fit and finish is striking. However, I have read about some catastrophic failures, and I can see how that might be possible with such a thin and stiff shaft. Also, the small notches for the adjustment mechanism seem like they could be a weak point? And if you’re used to a clamp-like adjustment mechanism, then you might overstress the flip-tab by mistake.

Overall, if you’re someone who often breaks poles (or the proverbial anvil in a padded room), then this isn’t the model for you, but otherwise durability might be no worse than average for a carbon fiber ski pole (and probably better than nordic racing poles that aren’t intended for contact with metal ski edges, crampons, etc.).
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