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Do these have the same mounting hole patterns as the newest model Dynafit Low-tech 105 bindings?
Has anyone used these with Billy Goat plates? Wondering how the cord will hold up....
Travis, I ski this year's Backland Carbons with them. It's enough to drive this ski.
Potential quiver of one for the Wasatch! I picked up the 188's after giving up on finding a pair of the 180's. While they're a touch longer than I'd like at 5'11" 145, they still ski awesome. These things will make you rethink owning anything bigger. They tour amazing with their light weight design, and float and charge too. Especially with the longer ski I notice how well they handle higher speeds. Combined with the Backland/MTN binding, this makes for a sweet setup.
Yes, these are race skis, but they can charge down surprisingly well. I've had these up to 60mph (on groomer) without an issue and skied through soft snow with relative ease. I've been impressed with how much I'm able to trust these. Plus they look cool and are just as light as many more expensive models. All in all, these skimo skis rock.

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