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The Blacklight Pro Pole is a great addition for any skier who wants a lightweight, reliable pole. Featuring a longer grip zone to allow for easy movement on sidehills and in the steeps, vertical gain is the name of the game for this fast and light accessory piece. More good news; lightweight doesn't mean light on durability. These poles are made of some of the strongest materials on the market. The Kevlar carbon lower shaft ensures damage resistance from your ski edges and the carbon upper shaft shaves grams but adds stiffness and reliability. The Blacklight Pro Pole is a true touring pole made for adventurers and racers alike.

  • Kevlar carbon lower shaft increases durability and protects your equipment from sharp ski edges.
  • Carbon upper shaft is a major part of the low weight design.
  • Fixed pole lengths range from 110-140cm in 5cm increments.
  • Extremely lightweight and stiff makes it race-ready, or all-day adventure-ready.
  • Extended grip length accommodates individual preferences in varied terrain.

Update 2022/23: New graphics and a white basket for those that prefer a more stealth mode in a snowy landscape.

Lengths (cm) 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140
convert to ounces
172g [125]
Weight (pair) 344g [125]
Sections 1
Grip 2K Grip, extra long
Basket & Tip 2K Powder Basket
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon upper, Kevlar wrapped lower for extra protection
Skimo Co Says
Usage Fast touring
Notes Extra long grip to choke down on
Bottom Line Superlight with Kevlar durability
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Questions & Reviews

Adam L (downright abused product)
Finally a perfect touring pole! As someone who appreciates light and functional gear, I've struggled to find touring poles I really like. Other fixed length poles I've tried are too heavy or don't have good straps (or any). These poles strike a great balance of durability and light weight material. The swing weight is awesome for the way up, and I appreciate having straps for long approaches. On the down, it's easy and comfortable to choke down lower on the handles. Try 'em, you'll like 'em!
For sizing purposes, I'm 5'11" and the 135cm is perfect.
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Ben (used product regularly)
I got these poles because they were very light, had an extended foam grip, and were on sale. They work fine for skinning in dry conditions and skiing firm snow. They are frustrating to use when its snowing or booting something soft because snow sticks to the grips. I have used several other poles that also have this issue, but these are the worst offenders with regards to icy/snowy grips.
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Question from Dave
Are these poles sold as singles or as a pair?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, the price is for a pair!
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Question from Jeffrey Cole
Hi - is there a general guide to skimo pole length (for fixed length poles obviously)? I'm 5' 10" and would primarily use for racing situations. Thanks!
Answer from eric
Jeffrey- Our suggestion for fixed length poles is 5cm - 10cm longer than your alpine length. Longer will give you more push and better in hard snow terrain. But the draw back is that you might have to choke up a little for descents.
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Zak M (downright abused product)
For me, the ideal backcountry ski pole should be light, stiff, durable, and ideally some sort of lower grip for choking up when side hilling or for linking jump turns. So, I was excited to see the Dynafit Blacklight Pro pole land on Skimo Co’s shelf early last fall. Having spent most of my backcountry days out this season on the Blacklight Pro pole I was pleasantly surprised with it's overall durability and features. Dynafit added a Kevlar carbon lower shaft which was quite a noticeable difference comparted to other carbon poles I’ve used in the past even after days of technical booting and chuting. As much I loved the famed Les batons ‘d Alain poles I found my inner skimo racer always trying to shine through and desiring the advantage of pole straps to help with upward propulsion but still wanting a lower foam grip on the shaft that would make me perform jump turns like Andrew McLean. Thankfully, Dynafit incorporated some low profile easy to adjust pole straps that fit the bill nicely as well as a pleasant extended foam grip to fit all my steep skiing needs. On some occasions I do find myself wanting a bit more of a beefy material on the pole strap for some added comfort as they do tend to slip slightly overtime under load. In another attempt to satisfy my inner spandex wearing racing mentality, in the future I would also swap out the stock powder basket for a three-quarter style basket for more efficiency when booting and tracking on the skin track, but so far, the current powder baskets have served me well. Overall, I have been super happy with these poles as a great everyday lightweight touring pole that possesses some added skimo inspired features.
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