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Dynafit Blacklight 88 Ski


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Black coffee, black humor, black ops, film noir -- the word suggests subtlety, sophistication, refinement. In the case of Dynafit's Blacklight series, the skis reach their most refined in the form of the Blacklight 88, which infuses a layer of Skimo Blue (guaranteed to make you faster) over the blacks and greys of the ski's carbon fiber layup. Much more responsive and easy-to-ski than its predecessor in the mid-fat category, the Carbonio 89, the Blacklight 88 may be at the top of the charts for rando-sophistication: a high-performance ski without the high-strung demeanor. Forget the chattery, squirrelly skis of yore; the Blacklight 88 wants to do what you tell it, whether tentatively testing the snow at the top of a chute or opening up high-speed turns all the way to the valley bottom. A generous 40cm of early rise in the tip means the ski won't balk at subbing in for a high-fat ski while racking up vert on a powder day, and 15cm tail rocker adds a more playful demeanor than for many in its width class. Still, don't mistake the Blacklight 88 for a noodly powder ski that only Rogers Pass and Little Cottonwood Canyon skiers would choose. Dynafit's athletes have been skiing the most demanding lines in the Alps and beyond for decades, and in turn they demand a confidence-inspiring edging platform with plenty of effective edge to grip the snow. With the stylish refinement of black meeting the energy of Skimo Blue, the Blacklight 88 is sure to be a stylish choice in all conditions.

  • Dynafit's mountaineering-ski experience put to use in a wider, more versatile platform.
  • 3D Sidewall/Cap Construction marries the low weight of a cap ski with the durability and strength of a partial sidewall.
  • Paulownia Speed Core makes use of some of the lightest, strongest wood on the planet to dampen the ski.
  • Unidirectional carbon layup is lighter than previous Dynafit iterations, but with a friendlier feel in choppy snow.
  • More rocker-focused than its Blacklight siblings, the 88 still has plenty of camber underfoot and a long effective edge.
  • Tip notch allows for use of Dynafit's Speedskin or your favorite fast-gliding race skin.
Lengths (cm) 158, 165, 172, 178, 184
convert to ounces
1063g [165]
Weight (pair) 2126g [165]
Dimensions 121-86-109 [158]
122-87-110 [165]
123-88-111 [172]
124-89-112 [178]
Turn Radius 15.5m [158]
17m [165]
18.5m [172]
20m [178]
Skin Fix Race-notched tips, notched flat tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Light tip & tail rocker, camber underfoot
Shape Tapered tip & tail, medium radius
Construction 3D sidewall cap
Core Paulownia Speed Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes Full Unidirectional carbon construction
Bottom Line High end touring from Dynafit
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nelly
Thanks for the great info. Could you provide more detail on how much tail rocker there is, would like something that is easy to break away the tail.
Answer from Jeff
Nelly, Sure, there is 15cm rise and Dynafit added a few inches of taper at the tail too. Making these turn easier, or break away much better than the flat, square tails of the previous Gen. I did demo the 80mm Pro model and was blown away by how well it held and was easy to turn.
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Question from Nelly
Hi Guys, i'm in the market to replace my Backland 85s (179). Great ski, but i feel like they ski short for me (6'2"/185 lbs) and also want a looser tail. Currently considering the Blacklight 88/185, Alp Traks 94/183, or Hyper Vector 98/184. Would appreciate any comparisons you could make between the potential group back to the BL85s. My specs: near or below 1300g, stiff tail (pack friendly), surfy tail (easy to pivot on poor snow). Planned use - multi lap in bounds, and long missions BC. Also, I've never skied an all carbon ski (Alp Track). Thanks in advance for you insights.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Nelly. All three skis you have listed are similar in functionality to the Backland 85's, however, they are going to have slightly more tail rocker and should all be easier to break away in the tail than the Backlands. If you are geared more for big days that sees a mix of variable snow, the Blacklight 88 is a fantastic option. The Alp Tracks has perhaps the best weight to surface area ratio of any ski on our wall, and would be a good softer snow option that splits the difference between the Hyper Vector and Blacklight. The Hyper Vector is the heaviest option, but best performer in the soft snow due to it's length and wider waist while still retaining an impressive ability in harder and more variable snow. The Voile V6 would also be good to consider. It doesn't perform as well on harder snow as the three you listed, however, it will be a surfier option and best soft snow performer. Please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any other questions!
Answer from Jared N
Cool, i will definitely check out the Black light, haven't seen many review on it yet,other than one on Wildsnow. It seems you guys have a pretty positive impression of it, would you care to expand on what you think are the strengths and weakness of the Blacklight 88.

Answer from Brett S
Because the Blacklight 88 is a new ski for the 20/21 season, there unfortunetly aren't too many reviews out yet. The quote "good at everything, master of none" does a good job in summing up this ski. It handles itself with poise in powder, but it won't be as good as a more specific soft snow ski, like the Voile V6. It can make fast GS style turns down corn fields, however, the Blizzard Zero G 85 would have a higher overall speed limit. In essence, it's impossible to have a ski that is perfect at everything. In order to make this ski the excellent all around performer it is, they had to make some concessions.
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Question from Tim
Hi there,

On the Dynafit site they list a 184 length as well, do you guys know if that is available and, if so, whether you’ll carry it?

Answer from jbo
Hi Tim, only two sizes are available in this limited early release. For next season, we will have all sizes, including the newly added 184 (specs still missing).
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Model: Blacklight 88

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