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Michael T

Michael T




5' 9"


150 lbs

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Type II - Moderate

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i've had the same issue after a couple tours on this binding. *sigh*. it seems that even if a little snow gets caught under, it pushes the walk lever up and the brakes descend. about 50% of my laps involved the extra friction of my brakes in the down position. wish i had gone with the Pure sans brakes. I see the same comment on the Salomon version.
Pretty big issue with this leash. On the two trips I've used it, I've found that the orange wrist adjuster slides too easily. As you're plunging the ice axe, it slips down, many times coming off the wrist. It's caused me to pause, in places I don't want to pause, to re-adjust. I thought maybe I had installed it incorrectly but it's pretty straightforward. I ended up just tying a knot on the end to keep it around my wrist.

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