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Dynafit Binding Screws

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Where did that screw go? Lose a screw behind the workbench or on your last run? We have more here. All hardware is sold individually.

Titanium Screw - Ultralight and strong screw for mounting Low Tech Race and Speed Superlite bindings.

12.5mm Torx Screw - For mounting Low Tech Race & Speed Superlite bindings, plus Speed Radical toe pieces.

15.5mm Torx Screw - The ST Rotation/Radical 2.0 mounting screws, toe and heel. Also used for Radical and Vertical rental heels.

19mm Torx Screw - For mounting Radical ST/FT 1.0 & Vertical ST/FT toe pieces. Also used for shimming Speed Rads & Turns.

Pan-head Torx Screw - For mounting all Radical 1.0 & Vertical heel pieces, except the Speed Radical from 2014/15 on.

16.5mm Pan-head Screw - Torx pan-heads for Speed Rads with the anti-rotation peg, which started shipping in 2014/15 and is 1mm higher.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matt
Need screws to install a 2-deg canting strip under my Speed Radicals (2020). Strip measures 1.3mm low and 3.17mm high. I think the lowside I go with the original screws and the highside I go 15.5mm toe and 19mm heel?

Check my math please! ;-)
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Matt. Your math checks out to me! Ideally, 8mm of the screw thread should be in contact with the ski. Keeping with the stock screw size on the low side of the shim will push this lower than 8mm, however, it should still work. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from sheila
I lost one of the four small screws for the toe piece. What replacements should I get?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Sheila, thanks for reaching out! If this setup uses machine screws to attach the toe piece to the lower plate(instead of the wood screws that are typically used to mount a binding to a ski), I'll need a few measurements to make sure we have the right part.

Could you email me(help@skimo.co) the total screw length, head diameter and shaft diameter in millimeters along with a photo of the screws? Thanks!
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Question from Phoebe
I ordered the Dynafit Speed Radical bindings for a ski touring trip and I also need six spare binding screws as a backup. Which screws should I purchase?
Answer from eric
Phoebe-You will need the 12.5mm Torx screws for a speed radical toe.
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Question from Tin
Trying to see what screws do I need for the dynafit ST rotation10.

Answer from Will McD
Hi Tin,
The Rotation shares the same platform as the Radical 2.0, so you'll want 15.5mm torx screws for both the toes and heels.
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Question from John
Hi, filling out repair kit - what screws do I need for Speed Turn 2.0? Thanks!
Answer from eric
John- You need a 12.5mm torx for the toe and the Pan head torx for the heel.
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Question from Logan
What screws do I need for the Dynafit/Fischer Freeride 14s?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Logan, thanks for reaching out! I don't have that binding on hand to measure, but I can give you what information we do have. It looks like the toe would be the same as a Rotation. A Rotation uses 15.5mm Torx screw for both toes and heels. We aren't certain what heel screws are used for the Beast 14, but we think they might be 15.5mm Torx as well.

You'll want to put the screw into the binding to double-check before drilling, and you're looking for between 8mm and 8.5mm of screw length protruding beneath the binding.
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Question from Kim
Hi! Can you send small parts to Norway?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Kim, yes we can. Once you get to the checkout page it should give you some shipping cost estimates.
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Question from dave
What kind of replacement screws will I need for the 1) Dynafit Superlite 2.0 binding and 2) heel adjustment plate 3) screws to attach binding onto said replacement plate? Thanks
Answer from Patrick C

The Dynafit plates are the same thickness as the binding itself so you use the original screws that came with the bindings. Hope this helps!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from Mel
I have a pair of dynafit tri-step bindings and am missing the screws that sit on the top of the heel plate. There are two pairs of two and I am missing two. Do you know which screws I would need for those?
Answer from TSB
Hey Mel, send us a picture of your bindings at help@skimo.co and we will figure out what you need!
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Question from LDO
I am purchasing one each of a Dynafit Speed Radical toe and heel. Seems like the heel will come with everything I need. For the toe, should I just purchase 4 12.5 Torx screws?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hello LDO, that is correct!
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Question from Dale Tiessen
TLT Radical ST 2...seeking assortment of spare screws to have in an emergency repair kit. What are all of the sizes for toe and heel?
Answer from Jeff
Dale, they use the 15.5 Torx, toe and heel.
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Question from Preston
Hello, I’m looking for screws for my speed light 1.0 bindings. At least that’s what I think they are? Red toe pieces and red heel risers and black towers. They are mounted on adjustable plates. I need the screws to mount binding to the plate. 4mm hex screws I believe, not the torx screws for the plate to ski mount. Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Preston, can you please send us a photo of the binding to help@skimo.co so we can more accurately help you.
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Question from fei x
What screws should I use for mounting Dynafit Beast 16s? I removed the bindings from a pair of skis with Quiver Killers and I don't have the original torx screws anymore. Thanks
Answer from Jeff
Fei, For the heel you will need the 15.5mm screws. For the Toe you will need 2 each of the 12.5 and 19.
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Benski (used product regularly)
An awesome resource for the ski touring community from skimo co to get spare screws, springs, etc ... often easier to get than direct from Dynafit, and have pix available.
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Question from Eric
Which screws for radical st 2?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric. Which screws for the Radical ST 2 are you looking for? Toe mounting screws, heel mounting screws, or the machine screws that install the toe unit to the rotating baseplate?
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Question from Tony Addino
Would you happen to carry binding screws for Dynafit Radical ST ? Will likely be mounting on my Helio 95s that I just ordered from Skimo and wanted to use new screws.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tony! Absolutely! Do you need toe or heel screws? Also, is this the first gen Radical ST or is it the 2.0 Radical ST?
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Question from Patrick Fink
Do you have a set of mounting screws for a pair of TLT Speed Superlite 2.0 (green) toes?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Patrick! The 12.5mm Torx screws will do the trick! You need 4 per toe piece.
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Question from Magnus
Hi. I cant find the screw to adjust the radical FT boot size? The long steel screw on the rear / bottom.
Answer from Nate
Hi Magnus, the adjustment screw in the Radical FT baseplate is unavailable as a separate part. It is integrated into the brake/baseplate unit. You can purchase those here.
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Question from stefan
Hi I am looking at ordering a radical ST Toe piece, toe plate and crampon receptor. I was wondering about what length of screws I need to mount these. Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Stefan, you will need the 19mm Torx screws for that setup.
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Question from Lars
I need an adjustment screw for my radical st (1st gen) bindings (The ones that makes it possible to adjust binding sizes- located under the heel piece). Which of these parts do i need. Also- is it a hassle to change this? The old one is almost without any patterns.
Answer from jbo
Hi Lars, do you mean adjust for different boot sizes? You'll need a whole new baseplate. We have a couple in a our used section.
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