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Skimo Co
Average Joe

Average Joe




6' 4"


200 lbs

Shoe Size

US 12.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

My Skiing

Ski in and around Jackson, WY

My Gear

Fisher Hannibal with super awesome Pomoca S Glide Tipons
Grassroots Flying Carpet set up split with BD Glidelite Skins
Dynafit manasalu 182cm with speedskins
Megawatt 178 with mohair skins
All Dynafit binders
Scarpa Alien RS
Dynafit tlt6 carbon (black and orange / red) size 30 (maybe just a tad big)

Recent Posts

)ne of my cables snapped just at the spot noted by Tony. Do you guys sell replacement cables? Thank you.
I had the original and recalled F1 when it came out back in the day (red and blue with the auto ski mode which worked well until it didn't), traded it for the Alien RS and now have about 20 days on the new F1 LT. The fit is much improved from the Alien RS (I think the foot board attached to the boot was changed), the downhill aspects are spot on and the uphill is best ever. Yes the throw of the buckle could be better and the second velcro strap will scrape the skin off your hands, but those are minor issues...
My first day, out of the car, I clicked in and pushed forward and nearly fell flat on my face as they stuck to the snow like 50 grit sandpaper. Yes they have a break-in period. After a few days of use they broke-in nicely. They glide like a mofo and are grippy both on the ski and on a faceted ice cold uptrack. I prolly have 50 or so days on them. Best set of skins I've owned.

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