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Pomoca S-Glide Tipon Skins

Brand: Pomoca
Model: Climb Pro S-Glide Tipon
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The S-Glide skins have very little room to improve. Pomoca is trying to one-up themselves anyway. The Tipon formula has a thinner backing material and an innovative “non-glue” adhesive. The result is a skin that is lighter, much more packable, and easy to manage on/off your skis. The adhesive won’t ball up and is easy to wash with soap and water if it gets dirty. Pomoca Tipon skins will peel from a ski base without effort, making it the ideal skin material for powder boards with large surface areas to cover with glue. The Tipon backing material is nearly 10% lighter per meter than the comparably sized skin, but packs a significant 40% smaller. The S-Glide nap is arguably the best in terms of grip-and-glide balance; thanks to Tipon, now it’s even faster and easier to use.

  • Ever Dry treatment is Pomoca’s premier anti-glopping treatment that is built into the skin for lasting performance.
  • Tipon is almost 10% lighter than the traditional backing, packs much smaller, and is 100% waterproof.
  • Glide treatment is built into the material which reduces friction while you're striding.
  • ClickLock system allows easy tip bracket swaps, to ensure a proper fit on your skis.
  • Comes with a fancy trimmer that makes trimming skins a breeze.
  • Included storage bag for travel and long-term storage.
Question from Brian H
I'm curious to hear how they perform. I was on the front end of the Gekko skins years ago. Nice idea. Troublesome in execution. They separated from themselves nicely but required Herculean strength to pull from the skis. I pulled so hard one time I sheared the home made bungee right through the tip loop I'd sewn. The skin plopped into the snow and became irretrievably contaminated for the rest of the cold day. The snow crystals seem to fuse with the surface and needed a full melt to work again. Scraping on the ski edge only served to separate the material from the backing. Never went back.
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, yeah there were some not-so-good stories about those skins. Lots of other folks have been experimenting in the interim. We have high hopes the Tipons will fare much better. So far so good.
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