Skimo Co





5' 9"


180 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

Recent Posts

These things are great. A dream on the uphill, super light for an 85mm waist ski, kick turn well, break trail reasonably well, sidehill well -- I have basically no complaints. The downhill is compromised if you're used to heavier skis but my understanding is they're better than most in their weight class. They're good enough for me except in the worst snow conditions where my friends on beefier skis are struggling, too. Bought for ski mountaineering missions and they seem perfect for that job so far! My fir...
I have a '20-21 Scarpa F1 in size 28.0 that packed out quite a bit after a year of heavy touring. Now I'm kinda swimming around in that boot and have lost a significant amount of control on the downhill, especially in heavy or variable snow. I ski a 27/27.5 inbounds boot (Atomic Hawx Ultra 130s - I have the 27.5 liner) and feel I may have also bought a touring boot that was too large. Will the Power LT liner give me more of a performance fit in my 28.0 F1s and take up some of that extra swim room? Should I...
Hey, should you choose the same size as your shell for the Palau Power LT generally? I also have a pair of '20-21 F1s that have too much slosh after a year of hard touring...
I've murdered these things in some pretty disgusting ski mountaineering conditions including 4,000' of chicken heads from the summit of Mt. Hood. I also did some laps off a kicker with them (totally not designed for this) on a city snow day. Thought I would snap them in half but they're good as new. I'd say they're pretty dang durable.

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