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Salomon QST Echo 106 Ski


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Well, it finally happened. Salomon made a QST light enough to bring on longer missions. Working with Mr. Cody Townsend during his famous QUEST to ski the 50 classics, the designers managed to drop the weight of those unnecessary vowels. Behold the QST ECHO 106. Mixing some Karuba wood into the poplar core and using a cork damplifier in the tip and tail, they managed to retain enough of the QST’s ski performance while helping your save your leg muscles so you can actually ski them. Along with the cork, basalt fibers keep it damp while the friendly shape makes it intuitive to turn, especially in soft snow. The freeride profile is maintained so QST fans will instantly recognize the easy turn initiation as the tips plain up above powder and mank. Camber underfoot keeps it lively and you can whip it around even faster at the lighter weight, and it can still respond when you push into it. The Salomon QST Echo 106 will echo back the energy you put in, which should now be greater with less effort spent on the skin track.

  • Karuba / Poplar wood core is a nice combo of lightweight energy.
  • Robust double sidewalls are made with 100% recycled ABS plastic.
  • Basalt Superlight fibers give the damp feel for which Salomon is known.
  • Freeride Profile is designed for those off-piste encounters you’ll find in the wild.
  • Cork Damplifier in the tip and tail absorb vibration while reducing weight.
  • 30% recycled topsheet materials are painted with 70% cool graphics.

Lengths (cm) 157, 165, 173, 181, 189
convert to ounces
1530g [157]
1610g [165]
1710g [173]
1780g [181]
1945g [189]
Weight (pair) 3060g [157]
3220g [165]
3420g [173]
3560g [181]
3890g [189]
Dimensions   136-106-123 [157]
137-106-124 [165]
138-106-125 [173]
139-106-126 [181]
140-106-127 [189]
Turn Radius   16m [157]
17m [165]
18m [173]
19m [181]
20m [189]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and thin flat tail
Specs Verified 173+ only
Profile   25% rocker tip, camber underfoot, 17% rocker tail
Shape   Rounded & tapered nose, medium radius, squarish tail
Construction   Double sidewall sandwich
Core   Karuba & Poplar wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder surfing, backcountry missions
Notes Basalt & cork keep things damp
Bottom Line Cody's secret weapon
Compare to other High-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Comment from Ben
Who would have thought 4 years ago that Cody Townsend would become the most famous backcountry skier and force the venerable to sell a ski that weighs almost 2kg
Reply from jbo
Certainly not us! It will be an impressive feat to carry such planks up the 50, but I guess he is proving it can be done. Granted he only has to keep up with his camera sherpa and not you.
Reply from Will
>a QST light enough to bring on longer missions
>drop the weight of those unnecessary vowels
>still 1780g in 181

My Voile Hyperchargers say hello at 1,400g and almost exactly the same dimensions!
Reply to this comment:

Question from dang3rtown
Is there metal underfoot? Which size bit do I need for mounting these skis?

Answer from jbo
Hi dang3rtown, we haven't drilled one just yet, but would start with a 3.5 and then move up to 4.1 if we hit metal. Sadly they aren't labeled.
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Model: QST ECHO 106

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