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The Chamonix ski mountaineering pole. Coming to us from across the pond and made in the shadow of the great and icy Mont Blanc, these unorthodox ski poles offer many small yet meaningful solutions to many small yet meaningful problems ski mountaineers face in the mountains. Made by mountain guide Alain Desez, the 18mm aluminum poles feature long ribbed foam grips which extend nearly halfway down each pole. Alain's Sticks are durable and allow you to grip anywhere along the top half of each pole without slipping. Also, no wrist straps! Straps can make ordinary falls rather dangerous and can make activating your airbag difficult in the event of an avalanche. Without them, you can more easily plunge the tops of the poles into snow. Proven by Chamoniard mountain guides on steep north faces and by American ski alpinists on routes like Foraker's Archangel Ridge, the highest level of pole design is now available to the powder-hunting, couloir-dropping, European-flag-loving masses.

  • 18mm 7075 anodized aluminum makes up the shaft for great strength.
  • The pommels (the plastic caps on the top) have a strap attachment point.
  • Reflective strips adorn these poles for improved visibility at night.
  • Includes easily swappable powder and piste baskets.
  • Tungsten carbide tips are slightly flexible.
  • Comes in lots of fun grip colors.

Lengths (cm) 115, 125, 135
convert to ounces
212g [125]
225g [135]
Weight (pair) 424g [125]
450g [135]
Sections 1
Grip 70cm long extended foam
Basket & Tip 85mm Powder baskets and 38mm mini baskets
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, EVA foam, polymer, carbide
Skimo Co Says
Usage Steep skiing, mountain running
Notes Infinite handle position
Bottom Line Burly, basic ski poles with limitless grip options
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Questions & Reviews

Kincaid M (used product regularly)
The hype is real, these are great touring poles. The low weight and long foam make skin tracks and sidehills quite enjoyable when choking up. Its always fun seeing the look on people's faces when they pick them up for the first time.

The plastic tip is a weak point of these poles though. I caught them on a ski edge my first day out and sheared it off where the metal pole ends. Thankfully after reaching out, both Skimo Co and Alain himself were willing and able to help me get back out. Would recommend again and again.
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
Okay, so I first heard about these through Dane over at Cold Thistle blog. I ordered them from Alain himself in France and was the only guy in the Wasatch for several years without them. I am convinced Jason saw me in Alta after it closed and with his jealous eyes worked to get him here. I am thankful because now it saves me the time this season when I go replace them.

These poles are incredible. I love how light, simple, elegant they are. Fine engineering IMO. It isn't overthought-out. I use these for every type of mission and the poles attach to the pack just fine if they need to be stowed with skis.

My favorite feature is for early cold mornings Dec/Jan dawn patrols. The poles are just so much warmer when moving.
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Question from Paul
I received these poles as a gift. They are about 3" longer than my old poles. When skiing in downhill mode would I just grip the pole 3" from the top? Or should I be looking for a shorter pair,
Answer from Will M
Hey Paul,

Great question! I typically grip the pole at my normal pole height. It can feel a bit odd at first, but it's easy to get used to. Plus, having the poles sized a bit longer than normal allows for the shuffling of hands up higher on steeps & flats.
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Will M (downright abused product)
Believe the hype.

When I think of French culture, I think of three things. Croissants, cheap (but good) red wine and now Les Batons d'Alain. You may be saying to yourself "Will, a ski pole is not a culture commodity". But I must beg to differ. This pole embodies the tradition of steep skiing, having been forged in the steep & deep valley of Chamonix, you can almost taste the cafe au lait as you jump turn your way back to the bakery.

I've used these as my one & only pole this year and have #noragrets. They're light, simple, and well designed. Usually, with a single shaft pole, you'll have to worry a bit about strength when using them in anchors, but I have not found this to be the case. The poles also slot in quite nicely behind your backpack.

I'm 6' and sized my poles to be 135cm.
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Question from Brian H
How are you sitting for replacement ends? I broke one and it no longer will hold a strap when I need one. Time to source a machine shop to make some from block aluminum.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Brian, thanks for reaching out! Email us a photo of the broken cap and we'll see what we can find!

As a temporary(but adjustable) solution, you may be able to girth hitch or clove hitch some material around the foam grip itself, à la SCOTT RC Pro poles.
Answer from Brian H
I simply need a new end piece. My attempt to epoxy the cracked strap slot failed.
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Question from Jessie McAuley
Will you guys be getting more of the Baton D'alain poles in stock soon? Looking for a 125cm.

Answer from Zak M
Hey Jessie, we currently don't have a ship date for another round of Batons. If you wanted to shoot us an email at help@skimo.co we could get you on an email notification when we do have more show up.
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Travis (used product regularly)
Got these and they quickly replaced my two-piece BD poles. I got the 125, but could easily have gotten the 135 (5’10”). Not I bought the purple thinking it was going to be a rich, dark color and it ended up being more lavender. Oh well, I still love them. I like being able to choke up or down to adjust the tempo of my pole plants a ton. Didn’t expect that when I got them. Only thing I had to adjust to is how narrow the grip is. Most poles have a thicker grip at the top then these. Would definitely purchase again.
Reply from bradley l
so i'm 5'10" and i'm torn between the 125 or 135 myself. would you prefer the extra 10cm if you ever got another pair?
Reply from Travis
I’d probably try the 135. When you choke up on them you can pull of snappier pole plants and the extra length would be nice in flat sections when you have to skate ski a bit.
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Logan (downright abused product)
I want to love these things and stoke the 5 star fire, but there is room for improvement in the durability of the plastic used. Both of the end caps on mine have broken - the first on tour #1, and the other within a week. After the first one broke Skimo sent out a replacement (appreciate ya for trying to do the right thing) and told me, "I just recommend being careful especially when you're in colder climates as you know the temperature drop can make plastic brittle"...turns out, I don't find myself using my ski poles in warm climates, ever. Welcome to MT.

Everything else that has been said about these is true. They are great to tour/ski with and I have been using them as a daily driver for work since they arrived. Am I splitting hairs here? Sure. But for an object with no moving parts they need to see an upgrade in materials.
Reply from Brian H
I've been toying with hitting up a machine shop about making an aluminum replacement for the plastic end cap.
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Ryan S (used product regularly)
I just really had to jump on this bandwagon this year! These have not disappointed. Sometimes my hands get a little sore from double poling, but I'm just cross-training for climbing season. There is so much grip I don't know how to handle it. I'm 5'9" and got the 135 cm. They are definitely not too long. Just get them and keep the bandwagon going!
Reply from Brian H
Just add the removable strap when needed for double poling. My home made ones are simpler and faster than the stock versions.
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Julianne J (used product regularly)
I received these poles as a gift this season and was skeptical at first but it didn't take long for me to love them. I am 5' 5" and have the 125cm and they are great, especially when you need to double pole. I love the multitude of foam grip options, and love that my hands don't freeze if I take my gloves off. It was a bit tricky to figure out where to put my hands when skiing but you'll figure it out after a while. The poles are pretty light weight and the colors are fun, mine are pink! They are definitely a spectacle when you are out and about.
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Reeven N (used product regularly)


Got the 135 and I'm 5'10 and they are legitimately perfect! Even bought a pair for my brother (yep... I'm the best).

Email SKIMO so you can purchase as soon as they're available again ;)
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Question from Uroš

I woud like to bay turing poles Les Batons d'Alan in lengt 140cm black/orange or orange/blue.
Please note me if it's posibile to get this kind of poles an shipt by post to Slovenia.

Thank you
Best regardes
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Uroš,

Unfortunately, we do not have either of those colors available in the 140cm length at this time. However, we are able to ship to Slovenia! If you would like to be setup for a notification that will alert you when we get those colors in stock at the 140cm length, reach out to us at help@skimo.co!
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Question from Nickites
Any dates on the Rasta 135cm (red, gold, green) colorway coming back into stock?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question! We are hoping for more but we don't have a firm date when they will arrive. I've signed you up to be notified when they arrive. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Happy skiing!
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Question from nicholas j
What color is the 'dusk' color? If it's purple, I'd have to go with that over the flag francaise
Answer from nicholas j
never mind. the pic has been uploaded!
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Question from Ian
You guys getting more of the 125 cm length in stock? These look primetime!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Ian, thanks for reaching out! We likely won't see any more until the fall, but I've set up a notification so you'll get an email as soon as more arrive!
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Jesse G (used product a few times)
I'm not sure these poles need anymore reviewing but what the heck, I'll throw my two cents in.

I picked these up because I'm sick of carbon poles and I'm sick of adjustable poles. Why adjust the length when you can just adjust your grip? I figure these are pretty affordable, why not give them a try?

Best. Poles. Ever.

They're much lighter than I thought they would be and the balance is really good. The grip is fantastic, I would compare it to the ESI grips for MTB. Just a nice and compressible foam that grips well even when wet. On my first tour with these I immediately adapted to just putting my hand wherever it felt natural. With the skinny top, flip them upside down and they eliminate a lot of the situation where I would have used the shaft of my ice axe.

They're so simple and versatile it's almost confusing at first.

There are two things I've had to get used to; the skinny top and the wide diameter shaft. As for the top, it's a lot smaller than I'm used to and it feels a bit awkward palming the top when I'm ascending or skating. With Dynafit, G3, etc. grips it feels like a mini cane handle I have and my hand struggles to find a secure grip in this position. It's also harder to flick my heel risers with these and I suspect it would be difficult to put a GoPro mount on as well if that's your thing.

As for the wider diameter shaft, this means it catches a LOT more wind. As tubes increase in diameter, they become far less aerodynamic. The first time I got hit by a gust of wind on top of a ridge I remembered this because I nearly lost them. Heads up, these things will sail on you if you're not careful.

I'm 5'8" and went with the 125cm and they're great although in retrospect, I should have gone with the 135cm length just to give me more options at no real expense or worry about fit. These are killer poles and you'll be glad you got them.
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Sam (used product regularly)
I love these poles and are one of my favorite pieces of gear. Being able to move your grip freely is a game changer. Super light, durable and just feels great in your hands. Plus they look really cool. I'm 5'7 and I'm happy with the 125cm length. I was worried they would be too long but they work fine. I originally ordered the 115cm length but they felt too short so I gave them to my wife who is 5'2 and she loves them. Shout out to Skimo Co for selling these!
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Question from Adrianna
Hi there! Will you be getting more of the multicolor (Rasta) poles anytime soon? Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Adrianna. We are hoping to get more in, however, it isn't guaranteed we will this season. Please reach out to us at help@skimo.co with what size you're after and we can sign you up to be notified when it is!
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Question from Hollie
What size would you recommend for me? I am 5’3” and do mostly resort and local glades but do make my way up to Mt Washington, NH every so often.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Hollie, I would recommend a 115cm length for you!
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Question from Gus

Could you tell me when you will be getting Les Batons d'Alain ski poles?
Answer from Patrick C

We are anxiously awaiting their arrival, but we do not have a definite date at this time. If you email us at help@skimo.co we can set up a notification for you.
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