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Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:N/A

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What's the difference between the fixed and adjustable Speedlite 2.0 antitwist devices. I have a problem with autorotation in regular touring mode, not the unofficial flat-on-ski mode (I haven't bothered even trying unofficial flat on ski mode). Will one of these help with my problem or are both just for flat in ski mode?
Had these mounted on G3 ZenOxide 88s. The (lack of) weight is awesome. And I am an apostate, so the brakes is great too. No problem with stepping-in, but I am over 200lb, so maybe that is it. They sure feel secure when they are on. No pre-releases. Just a couple of issues: - the press-fit pin that the heel lift pivots around, and, more critically, that retains the U-spring, came loose on one binding. This would NOT be a good pin to loose. Once it is out, the U-spring is gone the next time you step in. N...

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