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Dynafit Superlite 2.0 Binding

Brand: Dynafit
Model: TLT Superlite 2.0
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Dynafit calls the Superlite 2.0 a revolution instead of an evolution. If you like brakes then you might be inclined to agree, since the new version is the first race-weight binding with an (optional) integrated brake. It maintains the fully adjustable lateral-release of the original Superlite that prompted many skiers to start using race bindings for every day touring. More aggressive folks may appreciate the ability to turn the lateral release value up to 12 (versus 10 in the previous incarnation), while the forward release value remains fixed. The heel features two riser positions when rotated 180°. Last but not least, the mounting pattern was increased from a tripod to a more stable 4-hole pattern so you can really get after it.

  • Optional stopper system accepts optional brakes in 75, 90, and 105mm widths.
  • Lateral release can be adjusted between 7-12 to match your size & ability.
  • Two risers let you climb the steeps efficiently after rotating the heel piece.
  • Proven toe pieces design has both unlocked-skiing and locked-uphill modes.
  • 4-hole mounting pattern offers more stability and hold than previous Superlites.

* Please note that the brakes are not included and sold as an optional accessory.

-> ounces
Weight (pair) 362g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes Optional 75, 90, 105
BSL Adjustment None
Riser Heights 2 + unofficial flat
Vertical Release Fixed
Lateral Release 6-12
Crampon Ready Yes, removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Forged 7075 aluminum, chromoly & stainless steel, high-strength synthetics
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring & mountaineering
Notes Fixed vertical release
Bottom Line Lightest binding w/ integrated brakes
by T Fink (downright abused product)
I have used these bindings to death over the past two years and wanted to offer some information here. I have these on a pair of Dynafit Cho Uyo's that I used as my go to ski for most conditions. These bindings have been extremely durable, look super sexy, and I have never had them pre-release. That said, they are really hard to step into. This could be specific to the pair I have but I have to stomp *incredibly* hard to get into ski mode. The plus of this is that I really feel secure once I'm in but it's kind of a pain in the butt. My only other complaint with the binding is that after time the heel riser mechanism gets stiff and difficult to flip around, especially when I'm lazy and try to do it with my pole.
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by Chris (used product a few times)
I had a vertical release occur a few times simply sidestepping in pow!
Din set at around 11.. I believe it was a vertical release. Is there a stiffer spring available or thoughts on why this would occurr.. Seems to be mounted to spec.
Reply from jbo
Hi Chris, these have pretty high vertical retention. I'm guessing the skis are overcambering and the pins are pulling out of the back of the boot. How does your heel gap measure when the skis are flat?
Reply from Chris C
Thanks for getting back so fast!
Ya- gap is too big for sure..
Measures up and compared to your notes on skimo.. back to the source ;-/
Reply from jbo
Thanks for checking, Chris. Practice makes perfect!
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Question from Manan P

I am thinking of getting a pair of 112mm wide skis that were previously mounted with Superlight 2.0 binding. I have read your hole patterns post and realize that the hole pattern for Superlight 2.0 is different from the Dynafit Radical 2.0 ST bindings. The previous binding was mounted at manufacturer recommended line. If I want to mount Radical 2.0 also at the manufacturer recommended line, will there be enough gap between the previous hole pattern and new hole pattern for it to be safe enough? Or I will have to move the binding to the front or to the back?

On a side note, is this binding good enough to drive a 112mm wide ski? I have never used a race style binding before. What are the differences that I am going to notice if I make a switch coming from a radical 2.0?
Answer from eric
Manan-sorry not sure what your specifically asking. Any time you remount a ski with a fixed mount binding like the Superlight 2.0 you may run into hole overlap issues. It all depends on boot sole lengths that were used in either the first or second mount. A lot of times you may have to move mounting location to dodge old holes or end up putting a plate under the heel piece to get the right gap and dodge old holes.
Yes this is enough binding to drive a wider ski. The differences between a radical 2.0 and the superlight 2.0 will be the superlight 2.0 will have less ramp angle, lower riser heights, simpler to use and less weight. The Radical 2.0 has a better release mechanism.
Answer from Manan P
The boot sole lengths are the same for both mounts. But I think this question is very difficult to answer without having everything in hand. :) And I think you answered it satisfactorily. I got the kinds of things I will have to do if the holes do not match. I think a better question is, how much spacing do I need to keep between 2 holes on a ski for the new binding to be secure? Is 5mm enough? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Manan, safe distance can vary based on ski construction. Some folks say 1cm is the minimum safe distance, but that may be too close or an unnecessary restriction depending on the ski. Generally skis with a metal mounting plate can go closer than ones without.
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Question from Chris Cawley
Hey guys, do these have a higher heel-toe delta out of the box than plum race 150/170?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, yes they do. We have the all the gory details listed here.
Answer from Chris C
Thanks Jbo, that is a brilliant post. FWIW, I think that ski racers with non-flat binding ramp angles sometimes use a "negative" delta with a higher toe than heel, at least for speed events where being balanced is more important than being too far forward.
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Question from David Carroll
What's the vertical release # on the Dynafit scale of the Superlight?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey David! Thanks for reaching out! Dynafit lists the forward release value is around a 9, though we've had some test higher. It may vary a bit depending on your boots as well.

Based on your latest mounting info that I have in our system, the Superlite 2.0 will likely release a touch high in the forward direction, but will have no problem matching your appropriate lateral release value. It's an amazing binding. Let me know if you have any further questions!
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Question from Constanza
I would like to know how hard is to step in the heel comparing with the radical ft for example. Almost all reviews say it is an issue for this binding. I am 5ft 3 and I weight 145 lbs. I am changing for a light weight set up and I really do not know if this binding is the right choice for me. It seems it is a good light weight binding that respond well for skiing relativly hard.
I really do not want to have trouble later in the backcountry and not being able to step in the binding.
Answer from jbo
Hi Constanza, yes the step in can be problematic for lighter folks with the black version. The white version often works better for lighter skiers. Visit our binding finder for a personalized recommendation (unfortunately just height and weight isn't enough info to chart your release value).
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Question from Sean
Is it possible to just get the sl 2.0 toes(green ones)? Can't remember if I have an account(I've picked up b and d toe shims in the past). I'm in revelstoke. My postal code is V0e3k0
Answer from jbo
Hi Sean, we typically have toes listed here but are currently out of stock on the Superlites.
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Question from francois
Hi, I bought a 2.0 black and green binding for my 125 lbs girlfriend and she struggles much to clip in the heel piece. I feel it wont release if needed and could be dangerous for her to use. Any possibility to get a softer U spring?

Answer from jbo
Hi francois, please note the step-in resistance and forward release value aren't the same variable. Best we can do for a softer step-in is the white heel pieces. Springs aren't available separately at this time.
Answer from Richard S
Francois, check out this article on how to soften up the U-spring. https://www.wildsnow.com/19750/modify-mount-dynafit-superlite-2/. I am an older (60+) skier) and so I also needed to back off the release value for safety. I just took a Dremel to my white Superlites heel springs.
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Question from Jack
Regarding riser heights on your spec sheet, what does "unofficial flat" mean? How well does "unofficial flat" work on flat and rolling approaches?
Answer from Nate
Hi Jack,

"Unofficial flat" means that by rotating the heel piece 90 degrees, a flat mode can be achieved. It's not intended by Dynafit to be used in such a fashion and can potentially auto-rotate into ski mode while you are skinning. A number of users have commented that they have been doing so with no problems. B&D has created an add on "Antitwist" that prevents auto rotation and we have it available here.

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Question from Thatcher
Are these bindings adjustable at all for different boots? I have two size 29 boots of different brands: Solomon MTN Explore, and Arcteryx Procline. What is the total adjustment range on these bindings? and is it a quick process if I'm switching between boots regularly? Do I need the separate Dynafit adjustment plate in order to accommodate these different boot sizes
Answer from jbo
Hi Thatcher, only with the adjustment plates can they fit multiple boot lengths. There is about 20mm of range with those.
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