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B&D Binding Parts

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PLEASE NOTE: We have moved the shims to a separate listing: B&D Shims

The engineering and machining wizards at B&D Precision in Redding, California also happen to be backcountry skiers. It's therefore not surprising that they dabble in making ski gear. Enough years of dabbling have earned them brand recognition for aftermarket solutions to common backcountry problems. We are happy to support their ingenuity by offering a growing list of B&D binding parts below. Everything is sold in pairs.

Superlite 2 Nubbins – Folks with boots that don’t articulate well benefit from high risers. Supersize your Superlite 2.0 riser with a Nubbin from BnD. These geometric oddities affix with included screws onto the standard riser of a green or white Dynafit Superlite 2.0 heel piece. 13 grams with attachment screws.

Radical Nubbins - Increase the height of the highest riser on Dynafit Radical bindings. Especially useful if you are shimming the toes which reduces effective riser height. Note this adds to the force put on the housing which could affect your warranty status.

Volcanoes - Riser cones that bolt onto Dynafit Comfort bindings or B&D Comfort Plates. Standard volcanoes weigh 13 grams (0.4oz) and match the stock riser height. Tall/short versions are +/- 6.4 millimeters and +/- 3 grams respectively. The tall version matches the Speed Turn riser height.

Comfort Plates - Replacement top plates for Comfort or Vertical heels which, coupled with Volcanoes, can add "turn with pole" support to TLT Classic or Speed Turn (1 and 2) bindings. Sold separately from Volcanoes.

Speed Plates - Flat top plates for Dynafit binding heels which weigh just 20 grams per pair. Go without a high riser and save up to 60 grams (2.1 ounces) over stock Classic, Comfort, Vertical, or Speed Turn roofs.

Superlite 2.0 Antitwist, Fixed - Little plastic widgets that mount on the brake knobs to prevent rotation of the heel when using the unofficial flat-on-ski mode. Note these prevent the use of brakes unless you also install the extended brake pins. <1 gram.

Superlite 2.0 Antitwist, Adjustable – Slightly bigger plastic widgets that prevent unwanted rotation in flat mode on the Superlite 2.0 binding. These work with the B&D adjustment plates and weigh 1 gram.

Light Springs - Reduce the lateral release value of Dynafit Radical bindings to around 3 by swapping the springs in the heels.

Ski Crampon Mounting Base - B&D's answer to ski crampon compatibility. Mount this ski crampon cleat to the ski just behind your toe piece and enjoy the fruits of your labor via Dynafit ski crampon compatibility.

Question from Roger Wall
Will the B&D Radical numbins work for the Speed Radical heel piece?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Roger! Indeed they will! It's mostly the same heel housing so as far as the risers are concerned, yes they will definitely work!
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Question from Aaron O
Is it possible to get a top plate for a Speed Turn heel piece that has a plate that flips over like a race binding so you don't have to turn the heel unit? This seems so obvious (turn your touring bindings into race bindings!) but I can't find one anywhere!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Aaron! Absolutely! Luckily you weren't the only one with a brilliant idea. Maruelli makes them, they're called the Click Clack Risers. Just spin the binding into flat mode and enjoy the benefits of losing some weight and gaining a whole lot of speed.
Answer from Aaron O
Sorry, I wasn't clear - I want them turned 90 degrees so that they cover the prongs like race bindings. I just want to replace the roof of my Speed Turn heels with a roof that has a flap that will cover the prongs for the up (like a race binding) so I NEVER have to turn the heel. Does that make sense? I don't think the thing I want exists.
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Question from lyman
I knew these comfort plate design to work with speed turn heel unit, are these comfort plate works with speed radical heel unit as well?
Answer from jbo
Hi lyman, the plates fit on the roof of the Speed Radical but you'd lose the ability to use any risers. The rotation detents aren't in the same location.
Answer from liming z
Thanks jbo. yes, you are right the rotation only has one on radical rather 2 on turn. Because of mine radical heel is the old version (black screw and has no additional metal plate under the top), I may considering to stock up as spare either with speed turn heel or Plum guide heel, if I go with speed turn plus B&D comfort plate and volcano will end up as same as Plum guide cost wise, but the ramp angle will be different (16 vs. 18), don't know which solution is better, plus the long term of durability comparison between heel unit for the speed turn 2.0 and plum.
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Question from Michael
Will the Comfort top plates and Volcanoes fit on the new Dynafit Speed Turn bindings? Would make the heels easier to turn with poles. Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, yes the plates and volcanoes work well with all the Speed Turn versions.
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Question from MikeB
What's the difference between the fixed and adjustable Speedlite 2.0 antitwist devices. I have a problem with autorotation in regular touring mode, not the unofficial flat-on-ski mode (I haven't bothered even trying unofficial flat on ski mode). Will one of these help with my problem or are both just for flat in ski mode?
Answer from jbo
Hi MikeB, the adjustable version is for use with B&D adjustment plates. They are both designed to assist flat mode only.
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Question from Jonti Fox
Do the BD comfort plates come with the volcanoes...or do I have to purchase volcanoes separately? Will these fit the old Dynafit TLT Vertical bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jonti, the volcanoes are sold separately. The photo just shows how it will look with both on there. Yes they work with the Vertical bindings.
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Question from Erin
I see that the Superlite 2.0 adjustment plates are listed in the table of available plates but they are not in the drop down menu for purchase. I am assuming you are out of stock. Any predictions on when you will have more in stock. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Erin, it looks like the new batch of plates is still about a month out. There will also be a longer version this season. Note Dynafit has one available now too.
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Question from Davin Vande Beek
I'd like to order the B&D heel piece adjustment plates for the Dynafit Superlite 2.0 binding. They are described in the B&D section but the drop down list to order doesn't have them as an option. How can I go about ordering these?
Answer from jbo
Hi Davin, B&D only made a limited run and we are almost sold out. One more was just added to inventory, however.
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Question from PandD
Any red comfort plates? I wanna go fast!
Answer from jbo
Don't we all! Bill hasn't made those in a while, we're still hoping to get some though.
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by paul hanrahan (used product a few times)
The "nubbins" for the dynafit radical bindings are a waste of money. They only increase the climbing riser by 1/4 in. at best, not enough to make climbing easier.
Reply from Yaspar K
You could have calculated how high they were, or asked Mike before you ordered them. One quarter inch is a pretty significant increase in height.
Comment on this review:

by Chris W (used product a few times)
This review is for the nubbins - I also have the B&D Ski Leashes and 3.2mm classic shims (reviewed here).

The nubbins have allowed me to cancel out decreased climbing riser height that comes with using toe spacers on Speed Radical bindings. By eye, they add back about the same (or maybe a hair less) climbing height than the 6.4mm Radical ST toe spacer removes. The quality of the parts is really excellent. They have a snug, near-friction-fit with the heel risers, and the set screw even comes with threadlocker pre-applied to it. Unfortunately they're a little heavy, and maybe it would have been possible to lighten them up with a little careful material removal -- but this is really nit-picky of me, and they are a fantastic part.
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