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Ski Trab set out to create the best all-around touring ski possible. The impressive result is the Maximo. From the inside out, the Liwood box core is energetic and will stand up to more than its fair share of abuse while the longitudinal air-channels keep it light. Thanks to the fiberglass reinforcements and quadraxial Piuma (Italian for “feather”) cap construction, the torsional stability saw an impressive increase as did the steep skiing performance. The beefy 52 HRC edges can handle dry-skiing and summer couloirs littered with rock fall. The famed Attivo flex profile is stiff enough to push back at you when you need to lay down a high angle carve, but intentionally soft enough near the tips to float in powder and overcooked corn. The Trab DuoTech tails are split down the middle which allows the weighted edge to conform to the terrain and absorb impact without twisting the entire ski. This further boosts the torsional stability and steep skiing performance while also contributing to the powerful and surfy feel in soft snow. If you scoff at chairlifts, enjoy artfully blasting through every type of snow, and don’t enjoy buying skis every season, the Ski Trab Maximo should be first on your list.

  • NoShock Active Vibration Control is a lightweight elastomer placed right above the edges and in the tips and tails to keep the ski damp under pressure.
  • HiConnect Edge-to-Edge Connection is an internal bridge between the two edges to make sure the skis stay structurally sound and true after repeated rock-strikes.
  • DuoTech tails are a small, but important detail that comes in handy for control.
  • Low Profile Omega is a design technique to reduce swing weight and centralize overall mass to increase maneuverability.
  • Attivo progressive shape and flex smooths out uneven terrain while still having more than enough power to carve and jump.
  • Liwood Wood Box Core with air channels is light and poppy.
  • Piuma Quadraxial Cap wraps the ski with a scratch resistant top sheet.
  • Sintered bases with the nicest out-of-the-plastic tune on the market.
Lengths (cm) 164, 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1180g [164]
1215g [171]
1265g [178]
1335g [185]
Weight (pair) 2360g [164]
2430g [171]
2530g [178]
2670g [185]
Sidecut   121-92-110 [164]
121-90-110 [171]
121-90-110 [178]
121-88-110 [185]
Turn Radius   18.1m [164]
18.5m [171]
20.5m [178]
20.9m [185]
Skin Fix   Attivo tip & tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Low Omega Profile
Shape   Attivo progressive shape
Construction   LiWood box
Core   LiWood w/ air canals
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-round touring
Notes 3 year warranty
Bottom Line Perfect for when you're looking for a fun descent
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Ryan S (used product regularly)
Rail on hard pack, do pretty well in the soft stuff. They like to wander in crud, but what can you expect from a ski that lets you float uphill. -1 star because the sweet spot is pretty small and definitely takes a skilled hand to stay in.
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Question from Dan
Hi, will skimo be selling the Trab Maximo 6.0?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, we're aren't stocking that version but happy to order you a pair!
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Comment from Steve
These skis rail on hard-pack and shallow pow! Very high performing!
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Question from mbillie1
Are these to the Mistico what the Sintesi is to the Maestro? The dimensions look the same, but slightly heavier/cheaper?
Answer from jbo
Hi mbillie1, you must have scored high on your SATs as your analogies are spot on! Same shape/profile with a wood core instead of the aramid.
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Model: Maximo Flex 7.0 MPN: 13151

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