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Skate skis are known for being gear that goes hand in hand with precision, what you put into the skis is what they return to you. Ski Trab's Skate Team skis are no exception and return your investments in training and precision with unparalleled performance, glide, grip, and maneuverability. 10 individual layers to the composition of the ski, create a balanced and high-cambered skate ski that provides energy and a powerful transfer of momentum in and out of every step along the track. LiWood Tech and carbon reinforcements with end protection guarantee that these skis are durable and provide ample spring underfoot with the Tour PR-3 camber profile from Ski Trab. A universal race finish to the base and two grooves along the length of these skis means that they will track on a strict, straight glide, and can be pushed to their limits. With Scarabeo edge construction, these skis provide the utmost edge grip and stability, with the edges able to be ground several times to accommodate the skier's preferences.

  • Universal race finish and two grooves along the base for unparalleled glide and true direction in stride.
  • Carbon glass reinforcements and end protection provide durability and reduce chatter.
  • LiWood core makes this ski light and springy.
  • Scarbeo edge construction means fantastic edge hold and the ability to ground the edges several more times to tailor your experience.

Lengths (cm) 179, 186, 193
convert to ounces
495g (179cm)
Weight (pair) 990g (179cm)
Camber Tour Profile PR-3
Specs Verified No
Hardness Rating H1, H2
Construction   LiWood Air, Scarbeo edges, 10 layer gliding tech
Core   LiWood Air
Skimo Co Says
Usage Nordic skate skiing
Notes Skate ski made constructed for reliability and durability across all snow packs
Bottom Line Universal treated race ski perfect for training
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dan
I’m 6’1 and 190lbs. Looking for a great all around skate ski. What do you recommend for sizing and H1 or H2?
Answer from Lrow
Hi Dan,

I'd recommend H2 for hardness and sizing the 193cm.
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Question from old man
Is mounting pre-determined with “drill plugs” or do you have flexibility?
Asking because I have relevant bindings that are for flat decks and not plates.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi old man, they are pre-drilled for the SNS / NNN mounting pattern.
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