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Skimo Co





5' 7"


135 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year

My Skiing

Type 1.5 skier - Almost exclusively nordic background - skis with edges are a new experience, but I know how to keep my balance on toothpicks.

Not necessarily a weight weenie, just a weenie.

Skimo Co. staffer since October 2019!

My Gear

Atomic UL 65 161, Scarpa F1 LT 25.0, Superlite 150

Demo Favorite (for the moment): Voile V6 163 w/ Dynafit ST Rotation

Recent Posts

Hi Paul, I'd recommend the 170cm. Our goldilocks range for balancing performance and stability with narrower skis tends to be between your chin and your eyes. You will find it easier to engage your edges and turn with more control.
Hi Bcvizina, If you wouldn't mind taking a picture of your heel and sending it to we can look into availability for ordering those parts and look into some compatibility options.
Hi Tony, We'd recommend sticking to a size 28 liner for the 28.5 boot. The issues in pressure might be coming from too much foam being forced down by the smaller shell size. A low-volume 28 liner will provide you with more room. I would say that if the Medium volume is currently unbearable, even after heat molding, then the Low volume might provide more room. It will be up to your preference.
Hi Randall, We don't carry pole parts for the Makalu Ultralite, however, we could definitely reach out to Leki on your behalf and check to see if we can get those parts. If you wouldn't mind sending us an email to, with some pictures and a description of what you need we can reach out and see what we can turn up for you! Cheers.
Hi DGG, Yes, bending those brakes a bit to accommodate the DPS 112 shouldn't be a problem. It would be better to have a well-fitting brake on your ski than one with too much room on either side. Cheers!

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