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Make your mark on the junior ranks with Ski Trab’s Gara Teen glove! These ain’t your granddad’s clunky gloves, and they’ve got the breathable triple-layer softshell construction to prove it. They host an abundance of advanced materials, including leather on the index finger (the better to manipulate a smartphone with!), fleeced palms, and a stretchy polyamide cuff to keep out the frozen stuff. The cuff even has a little tab by which to pull the gloves on or off. That's pretty neat! Sized specifically for younger, smaller racers, these gloves are an excellent blend of warmth, weight, breathability, and windproof capabilities. Anyone who's had the misfortune of racing against the youth skimo teams know they are a force to be reckoned with, and especially so now with the Ski Trab Gara Teen glove!

  • Three-layer polyester forms a breathable and windproof soft shell backing.
  • Fleece insulation is plenty warm.
  • Microfiber palm with thumb and index finger reinforcement is supple and durable.
  • Warmth index rated down to -15 degrees Celsius.
  • Note: sizes listed are for juniors.
convert to ounces
98g [Jr. L]
Weight (pair) 196g [Jr. L]
Cuffs Polyamide elastic
Screen Touch Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyester shell, fleece palms, leather index finger, polyamide elastic cuff
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, speed touring
Notes Outside stitching shapes the fingers for a better fit
Bottom Line Warm racing glove when the Gara Plus doesn't quite fit yet
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Model: Gara Teen Glove

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