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Taking a note from nature and using simple, real food makes for top-notch performance nutrition. Spring Energy focuses on using 100% natural ingredients throughout its lineup of gels and other nutrition products. No lab-grown experiments were run to replicate food. The Gel ingredients list harnesses the power of specific foods to match the needs of endurance athletes. Because of this, their nutrition gives sustaining, dependable energy without gastrointestinal problems or sugar highs and lows.

Canaberry - Canaberry’s great flavor and smooth texture are made for high-intensity workouts. Easy to consume, the balanced make-up of carbohydrates keeps your stomach in top shape. A diverse recipe of energy sources including medium-chain triglycerides helps you maximize your engine capacity.

Speednut with Caffeine – This shot in the arm will get you up those last pushes to the ridgeline when you were sure it was time to rip skins and head out. Packing 250 calories, 50mg of caffeine, and a combo of carbs and fatty acids it’s a kick in the backside when you need it.

Long Haul - Slow-burning, constant energy for those all-day epics in the backcountry. Mixing complex and simple carbs into a nutty-flavored gel, the Long Haul is well balanced to improve nutrient uptake. Only high-quality natural ingredients are part of the recipe that will keep you from experiencing stomach upset or bloating.

Power Rush – When you just need to dig deep and find that last gear you can give yourself a head start with 13g of sugar that will hit the system fast. Get that energy boost you need without taking on too many carbs at once.

Hill Aid – As the name may imply, this mix aids in carbohydrate and fat metabolism while also reducing inflammation. Featuring a lighter taste, you can avoid the bad kind of booting while you also avoid bonking. With just 100 calories this is not meant for the long push, but rather to help your body maximize other products you take on board. Contains caffiene.

Awesome Sauce – Lots of carbohydrates sum up the composition with 45g of them. If you run on carbs, this is your gel. No added sugar, just what you get from whole foods such as apples and lemons.

Koffee – Imagine starting your day with a cup of maple syrup with cold brew coffee. Now you can enjoy this lovely combination during your long-distance efforts with a kick of caffeine (10-15mg). Add in 15g of fat and this will be a long-burning addition to your fuel repertoire.

Chocolate Heaven - Yes, the name says it all. Real deal chocolate delivers fat to your system while other heavenly ingredients bring a shot to the arm (or legs) of carbs and magnesium to give you energy and help prevent cramping. Built for big endurance efforts you can escape to a world reminiscent of Willy Wonka while punishing your body all day long.

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Zach H (downright abused product)
After many hours of skinning and running single track primarly powered off of various gel's and blocks I can safely say that these are by far my favorite. I don't think there's really any thing worse then choking down a thick overly sugary syrup (looking at you gu) when you could enjoy the all most smoothy constancy of a spring gel. Wether you are looking to lighten your load by using gels over food on a run or long ski or just want a little bonk caffeine insurance look no farther.
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