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The Finnish leader in low-friction snow gliding has infiltrated Skimo Co and we couldn’t be happier. Once you get a taste of Start wax, there’s no going back. Addictingly fast, long lasting, and Finnish. With a broad assortment of waxes to choose from, there is no reason your skis and skins shouldn’t be properly waxed before every tour and race. Waxing skins is a secret trick that is guaranteed to boost your ego on the skin track. Seems sensible that waxing your skins should be as big of a priority as waxing your skis, since the vast majority of a tour is spent on climbing skins.

While you don’t want to use Fluoro waxes on your skis (since it can interfere with skin glue), go nuts on your skins! Medium Fluoro (MF#) contains 10% fluorocarbons and is better for snow with higher moisture content in spring or wetter winter climates. The Alpine Glider (AG#) is a standard hydrocarbon glide wax that does well on the ski base or skin plush. Use heat to melt the wax into your skins, just like your ski bases. Use the lowest heat and move fast so you don’t melt the fibers. AG waxes are sold in 90g blocks while the fancy MF comes in a 60g chunk. SG waxes are a formula of hydrocarbon (non-fluoro) glide waxes with individual temperature ranges to help you cover any and all conditions.

Wax Type Temp Range °F Temp Range °C
AG3 41°F to 30°F 5°C to -1°C
AG5 30°F to 18°F -1°C to -8°C
AG6 21°F to 10°F -6°C to -12°C
AG7 18°F to -4°F -8°C to -20°C
MF2 50°F to 32°F 10°C to 0°C
MF4 32°F to 27°F 0°C to -3°C
MF6 28°F to 19°F -2°C to -7°C
MF8 19°F to 10°F -7°C to -12°C
SG Red 32°F to 27°F 0°C to -3°C
SG Purple 28°F to 19°F -2°C to -7°C
SG Blue 19°F to 10°F -7°C to -12°C
SG Green 14°F to -22°F -10°C to -30°C

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