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Waxing your skis is like flossing. Just like you may or may not fib to your dentist about your daily flossing routine, those skis aren’t getting waxed daily (or monthly) either. Start has a brilliant solution to your lazy base care woes. Start RG Race Liquid Wax is glide wax that can readily be applied in liquid form from straight from the applicator. After letting things sit, you simply need to brush your bases with a Nylon Brush, and you are ready to dust your backcountry partners on those low angle exits. Available in a wide range of temperatures, the RG Race line is Start’s new line of liquid, flouro-free, technoceramic glide waxes. Great for early mornings or trips far afield, consider adding Start RG Race Liquid Wax to your tuning kit.

Wax Color Temp Range Celcius
Red 50ºF to 28ºF 10ºC to -2ºC
Purple 28ºF to 18ºF -2ºC to -8ºC
Blue 21ºF to 5ºF -6ºC to -15ºC

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Model: START RG Liquid Glider

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