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Superfeet Ski Insoles

Superfeet is the leader in athletic insoles. But before all the running, hockey, and maybe bowling footbeds, they were making footbeds for skiers. The various colors fit different foot shapes and provide the stability you need for both uphill and downhill skiing.

Superfeet Carbon Insoles
The Carbon insoles are Superfeet's lightest and thinnest model. They offer stability while racing and touring without weighing you down or squashing your performance fit. Made with carbon fiber and ultralight foam, the insoles help keep your heel in place..
Superfeet Blue Insoles
The Blue insoles are Superfeet's middle of the road model. They offer stability while racing and touring. Made with structured heel cup and full length foam to provide support for every step. The insoles help keep your heel in place while providing arch s..
Superfeet Green Insoles
As Superfeet’s most popular insole, the Green model fits the most feet. With a fairly high, well-placed arch and an ample heel cup, the green offers good support for skiing. It also features heavy-duty shock absorption which appeals the resort crowd and h..

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