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The Carbon insoles are Superfeet's lightest and thinnest model. They offer stability while racing and touring without weighing you down or squashing your performance fit. Made with carbon fiber and ultralight foam, the insoles help keep your heel in place while providing arch support for medium arches. They also add a little insulation between your foot and the snow.

  • Ultralight and thin construction are great for fast travel.
  • Washable with soap and water using a basic brush.
  • Comes with Superfeet standard 60-day guarantee.

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Questions & Reviews

Cody B (used product regularly)
This is the only off the shelf footbed I can use in boots due to my enormous instep height for my length (28.5ish instep for a 26.5 length foot). Super light and take up the least amount of volume while still offering support. They've gone in all 3 of my boots.

Only downside is you have to be a smidge more careful when putting them in a liner so that the very thin and lightweight foam in the forefoot doesn't fold over.
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Question from Christopher B
I have size 42 alien 3.0s and I'm looking to alleviate heel slip on the uphill. Would insoles like these help? Also what size insole should I be looking at for a 42? Thanks
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Chris. They would be a good first step to help alleviate heel slip so long as they match your arch appropriately. The "D" size would be the best bet. For more potential solutions to fix your problem, please click here.
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Question from Joan Thomas
Is this one or a pair?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Joan! It's a pair!
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Five stars for way more support than a stock flimsy footbed and at way less cost than a custom molded footbed. But minus a star for not being much lighter: 2.7 oz per pair when trimmed down to a size 26 as compared to 3.8 oz for a custom footbed with full posting. (I suspect the “carbon” in the model name refers only to the color!) So four stars overall.

I bought them on the idea of saving a bit of weight with a lower profile to fit within the low curvature of the RC1 heel cup. Turned out my boot guy was able to shave down my custom footbeds to wafer thinness in the heel, for a lower profile than even these Superfeet. So the Superfeet insoles are now in my xc skate boots, where they’re working out quite well.
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Model: Carbon

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