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The Blue insoles are Superfeet's middle of the road model. They offer stability while racing and touring. Made with structured heel cup and full length foam to provide support for every step. The insoles help keep your heel in place while providing arch support for medium arches. They also add some insulation between your foot and the snow.

  • Thin construction is great for all boots.
  • Washable with soap and water using a basic brush.
  • 60-day guarantee, the Superfeet standard.
  • Medium arch
  • Medium volume
  • Heel cup lower and broader

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Questions & Reviews

Comment from Ben
These are a near-perfect fit for me and I own several pairs and use them for all my skiing, touring and inbounds. Make sure to try on a few sizes, I have 11 feet and size F (11.5-13) fits me best.
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Julianne (downright abused product)
Pretty good insoles, I do wish they were a bit squishier but that is a personal preference. They are great at eating up extra room in boots. They are much better then the ones that come with your boots.
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Question from David
Would the E size, Men’s 9.5-11 work in a size 28 Dynafit Speedfit Pro boot?
Answer from Zak M
Hey David, the size E would work for that boot but they would most likely have to be trimmed down to fit the stock insole.
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Travis (downright abused product)
As far as insoles go these are great. I use the green and the blue depending on how much volume I need to eat up. There’s quite a difference in arch support between the blue and the green though so keep that in mind. I haven’t tried custom insoles yet, but until then I like these.
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