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As Superfeet’s most popular insole, the Green model fits the most feet. With a fairly high, well-placed arch and an ample heel cup, the green offers good support for skiing. It also features heavy-duty shock absorption which appeals the resort crowd and hucksters. It’s rather high volume so great if you are trying to take up some space in your ski boots to achieve the right fit. Get as much support as a custom foot bed at a fraction of the price.

  • Easily clean with soap, water, and a brush.
  • Comes with Superfeet standard 60-day guarantee.
  • Sturdy shock absorbing heel cup.
  • High arch, high volume.

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Questions & Reviews

Centerfold (used product regularly)
Finally got footbeds for the first time based on the recommendations of Skimo's awesome boot fitters. And the comfort is amazing over the beds that come with boots. For reference, I had a Scarpa FL LT. You already spend so much money for the boots, might as well spend a couple more bucks to make them comfortable.
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Alex (used product regularly)
I dropped a pair of these into my SCARPA Masetrale to take up a little room and they have worked better than I expected and have held up really well. Easy to trim, just trace your footbeds, drop them in and your good to go at a great price.
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Question from Brent
Do these go inside the boot liner, or inside the shell?

What sizes do we need if I have a 26 mondo, and my wife, a 23.5.
Answer from eric
Brent- These foot beds go inside the liner after removing the stock footbed. Go by shoe size when sizing superfeet. Then trim to length using the stock footbed for a template.
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Nat (downright abused product)
These are my go 2 for any new boot or shoe! Classic and they just work for my feet. My feet, knees, and back appreciate the investment every time.
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Benski (used product regularly)
I have a pair of these that alternate between Nordic boots and USFS approved work boots. They provide the support needed for everyday training and patrol work, and can be used in different pairs of boots fairly easily. Slight weight penalty, but worth it to have an insole that helps your boots keep their last and keeps feet happy.
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Jonathan S (downright abused product)
Five stars for excelling at their intended purpose: huge increase in support over the squishy thing that comes stock with boots, without the required investment in time & $ of a fully custom-molded footbed.
I use custom footbeds for all my alpine ski boots (whether downhill or touring), but I have a few pairs of the Green Superfeet in bike shoes and nordic boots. Holds up well over time -- seems to have all the support of when they were new many years ago.
And the Green model is tied for the least expensive of all the Superfeet models yet while offering the most support.
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