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Ultimate Direction Body Bottle III 500

No Longer Carry

When you’re heading out for a morning tour, hydration is an essential bring-along. Remember though, it’s skimo we’re talking, so it was only a matter of time before water bottles were subjected to the same light and fast treatment as the rest of your kit. Ultimate Direction’s Body Bottle III shrinks as you drink, hopefully compensating for your aching legs as the day drags on. Its durable TPU material is puncture and leak-resistant, sitting handily in a nearby skin pouch, bottle holder, or pack side pocket. The cap also has a locking feature, ensuring inadvertent pressure or general movement won’t spray your carefully calibrated electrolyte/gel/H20 mixture before you’re ready to imbibe. Whether filled from a dripping icicle, glacial runoff, or thirteen grapefruits as breakfast–you’ll appreciate the convenience of the Ultimate Direction Body Bottle III.

  • Locking cap pops up for easy drinking, off for easy cleaning, and down for easy storage.
  • Flexible TPU is comfortable next to a base layer and shrinks to virtually nothing when empty.
  • 500 ml is small enough to store in a race suit or pack shoulder strap pocket, but substantial enough to keep you hydrated.
  • BPA and PVC free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
convert to ounces
49g (empty)
Volume 500ml
Specs Verified No
Materials   TPU

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