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Based in Chamonix Mont Blanc, ZAG skis has become a pioneer in skis and ski building. Having an R&D Lab right at the base of Grand Montets gives the designers unlimited opportunities to test and build skis to work in the most extreme terrain in the world. As a bonus, ZAG is committed to reducing its own environmental impact and operates with this in mind.

ZAG Precut Skins
Not in the mood to trim climbing skins? Then scroll to the drop-down menu, select the model and length of ski you own, and click “add to cart.” Then, a friendly Skimo Co staff member will ship them to you, and voilà, they are ready to use! It’s just that ..
$258.95 From $218.95
ZAG Adret 78 Ski
Chamonix is home to some of the best steep skiing in the world. But if you're ZAG, it’s also home to arguably the best ski R&D facility in the world. It’s no wonder then, how they managed to make the Adret 78, a ski that our shop manager and former Sk..
$898.95 $748.95
ZAG Adret 85 Ski
There are a few things that are guaranteed in life. Death, gravity, taxes, and the strong performance of the Adret 85. With a similar hard-charging personality as its skinnier sibling, the Adret 85 sports a slightly more rounded (moderate) flex and wider ..
$948.95 $748.95

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