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There are a few things that are guaranteed in life. Death, gravity, taxes, and the strong performance of the Adret 85. With a similar hard-charging personality as its skinnier sibling, the Adret 85 sports a slightly more rounded (moderate) flex and wider waist width. This considerably improves its soft snow manners, pushing the ski into strong contention as a “one-ski quiver” or “daily driver” for folks who want a capable, lightweight ski that can handle almost any snow condition with poise. Sweetening the deal is ZAG's environmental stewardship push. With recycled edges, 33% bio-based resin, and 1% for the Planet membership, these sticks have less of an impact on the playground they’re meant to be used in. With its combination of versatility, durability, weight, and performance, the Adret 85 is hard to beat.

  • Carbon fiber and multiaxial fiberglass provide excellent hard snow performance.
  • Adaptive Absorber is a visco-elastic insert that smooths out the ride through rough-and-tumble snow.
  • Phenol reinforced mounting plate holds screws in place to prevent anything crazy from happening.
  • Strong camber is very responsive across varied snow conditions.
  • Long turn radius isn’t “hooky” while doing jump turns.
  • Recycled Edges, bio-based resin, and FSC-certified wood core lessen the environmental impact of the ski.
Lengths (cm) 166, 172, 178
convert to ounces
1025g [166]
1100g [172]
1180g [178]
Weight (pair) 2050g [166]
2200g [172]
2360g [178]
Sidecut   115-85-101 [166]
116-85-102 [172]
117-85-103 [178]
Turn Radius   20m [166]
21m [172]
22m [178]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Progressive tip and tail, strong camber underfoot
Shape   Tapered shovel, long radius, square tail
Construction   Extra Light construction with carbon and fiberglass
Core   Paulownia
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring, ski mountaineering
Notes Blended flex profile absorbs shock and rebound consistently
Bottom Line Blends stability and responsiveness into versatility
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Questions & Reviews

Michael Smith (used product regularly)
Jeff set me up on these for an E Sierra adventure May 2024. I’m 55 years old, 6’3” and 215lbs and an aspiring ski mountaineer. We had a storm the week before — so the corn cycle wasn’t all the way there in the beginning of the trip. I had some broken crust on 45° to 50° and these Zags were nothing short of amazing. Seriously folks— if you’ve been through DPS, Blizzard, Solly and Blk Crow cycles and are looking for something different— but awesome —- the road ends here. I’m not super well versed in ski technology but will add this. Stiff but Smooth. Damp enough but lively. Feel planted but can be flicked around (I practiced jump turns leading up to the trip). Grippy but easy to release. Thank you Jeff and Team. *****
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Question from Michael C
Hi, these sound like just what I’m looking for…. I’m 6’4 165 or so, do you think these in the 172 length would work as a long spring mission / ski traverse with a heavy pack ski for me? Or would the 178 be a better idea? Thanks for your help!
Answer from Jeff
Michael, For most the 172cm would do. Not much rocker and good camber, they ski long. At your height and a big pack, the 178cm is not a bad Idea. If you have a light boot (F1 LT or the like) go with the 172. A beefier boot will match well with the 178cm.
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Question from Anthony O
How does the zag feel vs the backland 85 ul, and new zero g 85? I tend to like loose feeling skis that can also hold up when you want to point them down (and not break). Sounds like the zag might have the rare mix of not demanding but still chargey when you want (For a light skinny ski).
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Anthony, the Zag might just be it, you're correct. It's been described as skiing "like butter" -- good solid edge hold when you want it but playful and easy to pivot as needed. The ZAG Adret 78's lend themselves a little more to carving than the 85's here. The Zero G's are gaining more rocker over time and becoming easier skiing skis, but they still hold a more traditional cambered shape and skiing characteristic. The Backland 85 UL has a nice big rockered shovel and is the most soft snow oriented of these 3 skis.
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Question from Jim
Hi! Been looking at new skis forever, and can't decide. I've always skied my bd helio carbon 95s with fritschi vipecs, and I've been pretty happy with them overall. However, I don't love how chattery they are. Especially because it feels like its excessive considering they are light, but not super light. I've also finally decided I'm definitely going to own more than one pair of touring skis, so eventually I'd like a super light set up more geared towards mountaineering, and a beefier set up for those oh too few powder days. So, I'm starting with the light weight set up for this winter.

I think I've narrowed it down to the Ski Trab Magico.2 Ski, the Elan Ibex 84 Carbon XLT Ski, and the zag adret 85. Of those three any opinion on which is going to be the most confidence inspiring on the downhill and the least squirrely and chattery? Or is there another ski you'd recommend more that is still very lightweight but decent on the downhill? Thanks! You guys are the best!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jim, sounds like a good upgrade strategy! And a good collection you've narrowed it down to. Of those, I would say the Magico and Adret are right up there in terms of confidence on the down, both are quite comfortable in the steeps. The Magico might require a bit more attention in terms of staying the in the front seat whereas the Adret is a little more flexible in how it's skied. Both feel more solid and damp than their weight would suggest. The Ibex is noticeably softer and thus a bit more soft snow oriented.

Hope this helps!
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Model: Adret 85

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