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Chamonix is home to some of the best steep skiing in the world. But if you're ZAG, it’s also home to arguably the best ski R&D facility in the world. It’s no wonder then, how they managed to make the Adret 78, a ski that our shop manager and former Skimo Masters National Champion showers with praise as, “one of the best skis in this class that he’s ever been on.” Stable and precise, the Adret 78 punches well above its weight class, no doubt aided by the Visco-elastic inserts which help to smooth the ride in firm snow. High-Resistance carbon fiber keeps the weight in check while adding torsional stiffness, making the ski light enough for large alpine traverses while providing reliable edge hold when you need it most. Recognizing the current environmental crisis we're undergoing, ZAG is doing what it can to lessen its impact. As such, the Adret series features edges made with recycled metal, FSC-certified wood cores, and resin that is 33% bio-sourced. Light, stable, and precise, the Adret 78 remains composed when you are pushing it outside of your comfort zone.

  • Carbon fiber and multiaxial fiberglass add a high level of torsional stiffness, helping provide edge hold in firm conditions.
  • Adaptive Absorber is a visco-elastic insert that provides a good dampness-to-weight ratio.
  • Phenol-reinforced mounting plate helps keep the binding on the ski.
  • Strong camber is very responsive across varied snow conditions.
  • Long turn radius supplies confidence to execute jump turns in committing terrain.
  • Super quick edge-to-edge making it a riot to ski.
  • Recycled Edges. bio-based resin, and FSC-certified wood core lessens the impact of ski production on our wonderful winters.
Lengths (cm) 165, 170,176
convert to ounces
970g [165]
1030g [170]
1090g [176]
Weight (pair) 1940g [165]
2060g [170]
2180g [176]
Sidecut   110-78-93 [165]
111-78-94 [170]
112-78-95 [176]
Turn Radius   20.0m [165]
21.0m [170]
22.0m [176]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Progressive tip, strong camber, flat tail
Shape   Tapered shovel, long radius, square tail
Construction   Extra Light construction with carbon and fiberglass
Core   Paulownia
Skimo Co Says
Usage High traverses, steeps, railing groomers
Notes Exceptionally stable on edge
Bottom Line Simply joyful
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dave
Torn between this ski and the Voile Objective. The Zag seems to have a slight edge in steep, firm terrain, while the Voile is probably a better all-arounder in this category. Is that an accurate summary?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Dave, they do have different strengths. The Zag is more of a classic mountaineering ski, mostly camber, great edge hold, and poppy. The Voile does have a solid camber section, but has an unusually longer tip rocker for a ski in this category, making it perform better in deeper / variable snow and making it a bit friendlier to ski in general.
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Question from Winslow S
How does this compare to the backlight pro or Salomon mountain summit 79?
Answer from jbo
Hi Winslow, quite favorably! These really rail on edge, with a damp feel while being quick edge to edge. They are not quite as stiff as the Blacklights and a bit more forgiving. They are stiffer and more powerful than the Summits.
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Model: Adret 78

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