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Long, strong, light, inexpensive. All these good qualities can be found in the ARVA Light 240 Probe, often used as a benchmark in the backcountry safety market. Featuring 7075 alumimum sections and a strong kevlar cord, the Light 240 deploys quickly and locks with a simple tension locking system. And with the ISMF standard 240cm of length, you will have a great shot of finding your target under the snow.

  • 5cm markings let you know the depth of your target and measure whatever else your heart desires.
  • Aluminum 7075 is light but strong enough to resist bending and not snap under pressure.
  • Light and strong kevlar cord gives you confidence that your probe will hold together.
  • Assembled length of 240 centimeters (94.5 inches) probes deep into avy debris.
  • Comes with a storage sack.
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Length 240cm
Sections 6
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum shaft, kevlar cord
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everday touring
Notes Uses simple tension locking
Bottom Line Long, strong, light, inexpensive
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nate
I can't figure out how this probe locks. Are you meant to simply hold the cord in the locked position whenever probing? That seems really awkward. Or is there a hands free way that it actually locks?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Nate! Yeah, there's definitely a hands-free way for it to stay locked. Just pull the little tab a bit further than you think you need to and it'll tension it expose a knot that locks into the notch appropriately. It made me nervous the first time I opened my Arva probe up because I couldn't get it to lock...I had the same impression of the probe and it was very awkward. Just tug on the cord a bit harder and the knot will show up. Once it's locked it's very solid. After using it a few times I tied some extra knots in the cord just so I could tension it even quicker.
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Benski (used product a few times)
For an ISMF probe that is also affordable, this is hard to beat. Short length fits inside (rather than in some sketch sleeve of) many race packs. Markings are to standard, and cord seems to last. No complaints so far.
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