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The Aski Blue Moon wants to be skied fast in powder and chop. At 116mm underfoot with a double rocker, the Blue Moon will float on the deepest snow. Yet the underfoot sidecut approaches the tip of the ski for ultimate edge hold. Weighing in at 1540g, the Blue Moon is light enough to save energy for crushing the down. Built with CarbonShell technology and lots of rubber and Kevlar layers, the ski is solid, damp and ready to charge. Enjoy your trip to the Blue Moon.

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Lengths (cm) 183
convert to ounces
1530g [183]
Weight (pair) 3060g [183]
Dimensions   148-116-133
Turn Radius   24m
Skin Fix   Flat notched tip, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Double rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Big square shovel, long radius, flat tail
Construction   Carbonshell with Polycell core
Core   Polycell
Skimo Co Says
Usage Big mountain powder
Notes Powerful ski for any condition
Bottom Line Make 3 turns down any face
Compare to other Excess-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from John Offutt
Is there a manufacturers climbing skin for the blue moon ?
Answer from jbo
Hi John, unfortunately not but we are happy to trim some skins for you!
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Question from steve
How far back from center is the recommended mount (mid-boot) point? Are these a fairly traditional/directional design?
Answer from Jeff
Steve, They are a directional ski, so have a fairly standard mount point. The tip doesn't have much rise. But they are fully rockered like the Volkls used to be, very slight throughout the length of the ski. Think a V Werks Katana, but slightly wider and a pound per ski lighter.
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Question from steve
Are these surfy like a full rocker ski? ie. can you throw them sidways in a hurry?
Answer from Jeff
Hey Steve, These are Fully rockered. Slight from the center, then more at the tip and tail. I have only one powder day at Alta on our Demo and they are FUN. I remember them being easy to turn, even though it was a lot of ski for me. Because of their very damp construction, they make an excellent 50/50 ski too.
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Question from mat
Hi, what would be the ideal mounting point for these skis?
I heard someone say they might ski even better if mounted ahead of suggested mounting point (i.e. 4/5 cm), what do you think?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Mat,

I would recommend going with the recommended mounting point on the Blue Moon. Mounting 4-5cm forward is quite extreme. Not only with the Blue Moon ski shorter in that orientation, it will not float quite as well. If you do decide you do not like the recommended mounting point, you should not have any hole conflict going a full 4-5cm forward.
Answer from matteo p
Thanks for the feedback!
Will check whether to "upgrade" also boots since I am afraid the tlt8 carbonio would be kinda of extreme in driving those fatty planks :)
Btw very intriguing technology!
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Question from endo1234
have you had a chance to ski these? How did you like them? Would they be too small for 6'4" 215 lbs? What bindings would you recommend to be light but still be able to use the skis potential?
Answer from jbo
Hi endo1234, yes we have all the Aski skis in our demo fleet; they really are impressive. I'm sure you could handle a longer ski at your size, but 183 wouldn't be bad for backcountry usage, especially with a wide waist and shovel like the Blue Moon. The Fritschi Vipec, G3 ION, Plum Yak, or Dynafit Radical 2s can drive this ski no problem.
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Model: Blue Moon

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