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Atomic Backland UL 65 Ski


As the successor to the acclaimed Ultimate 65, the Backland UL has some big shoes to fill. That’s big in the sense of reputation, not size. These are skimo racing skis, after all. The new UltraLight, or UL, series features a redesigned tip, with a slimmer crown to slice through powder and crud. Atomic also added a new Fiber Grid layer which enhances durability even further (the Ultimate was already on the durable side of the category). The 65mm wide ski keeps its double carbon-wrap construction and ultra-light wood core. In the end, this evolutionary update shaves a few grams, ups the core strength, and adds a new look. That makes the Backland UL 65 the best Atomic race ski yet.

  • Carbon Powered cap construction involves two inserts to create stability and transfer power.
  • AT Tip 2.0 is a tapered profile up front that helps cut through various piles of interference.
  • Poplar and Karuba wood core is a blend of weightless energy that offers a lively ride.
  • Fiber Grid layer adds a new element of durability which is the new focus of designers.
  • All-mountain rocker helps keep your tips from diving which is all too easy on race skis.

Update 2018/19: Atomic release a new version of this skis.

Lengths (cm) 162
convert to ounces
695g [162]
Weight (pair) 1390g [162]
Sidecut   97-65-80 [162]
Turn Radius   23.1m [162]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, flat recessed tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   15% rocker, 85% camber
Shape   Lots of rocker, gentle camber, flat tail
Construction   Cap w/ carbon laminates
Core   Karuba + Poplar
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, training
Notes New tip shape for better float
Bottom Line Lightweight workhorse
Compare to other Race Skis

Questions & Reviews

Tom (used product regularly)
A reasonable ski for the price - until the base separated away from the body of the ski due to a manufacturing fault. Endless emails later Atomic couldn't provide a replacement saying it was the retailers job to do so, and the retailer had none and the only option was to buy a much more expensive replacement.

So the lesson? Buy cheap buy twice. That's what I've had to do. Wish I'd just bought something better in the first place. Oh, and don't expect good customer service from Atomic/Salomon.
Reply from jbo
Hi Tom, you can expect good customer service from us! We stock these deep and have seen relatively few problems with them.
Reply from Tom R
Your customer service is indeed outstanding. And the quality of advice you give. Unfortunately Atomic have refused to post my review, and the vendor doesn't have a review process, so I'm stuck with posting the review with great companies that do. I highly recommend buying from Skimo Co - just probably focus on other brands!
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Question from jenda
Hi, a bit general question. Thinking about leaving those to my girl, which would involve redrilling binding. I am having some durability concerns as the ski is what it is, lighty tiny thing :) should that be a concern? She is 50kg with backpack moderate skier.
Answer from Nate
Hi Jenda, if the skis are in relatively good condition and have only been mounted once, I don't think you have anything to be worried about.
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Model: Backland UL 65 UPC: 0884397252712

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