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Atomic Backland UL 65 2.0

Brand: Atomic
Model: Backland UL 65
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Naming note: according to Atomic’s ski-naming department, this ski is still the Backland UL 65. As far as the ski and its performance characteristics are concerned, however, this is a very different ski than the original in all the best ways. In order to minimize and/or increase confusion, we are calling this 2018/19 edition the 2.0. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on to the ski.

The original Backland UL 65 has been a hit amongst the race community, favored for its durability and versatility. Atomic decided to tweak a few things which resulted in a ski that’s more energetic, powerful, and comfortable at speed but just as fun and easy to manage. The turn radius and effective edge have been increased to improve stability at speed so you can feel even more comfortable keeping them pointed down the fall line. The longer effective edge promotes excellent grip and control. In order to counteract the “cruise-missile” effect that comes with long turn-radii, an extra dose of camber was added. This allows for fun, energetic carves of varying shape. The added camber also gives a bit of extra pop while skinning, a.k.a. “free speed”.

The HRZN Tech tips are a novel design that came from Atomic’s freeride skis. The red sections on the tip of the ski are rockered perpendicular to the ski (think of a boat hull) to add extra flotation without adding mass. This improves the UL 65’s already-stellar soft snow performance and allows for more aggressive positioning on the ski. The tails have been tapered to speed-up transitions by guiding the skis into a pack loop and also help the ski release from turns. So, go ahead and point ‘em. They’ll do the rest.

  • HRZN Tech Tip adds extra flotation and helps in challenging snow conditions.
  • Sloped topsheet minimizes snow accumulation, ensuring that your light skis stay light.
  • Fiber Grid layer built into the topsheet adds durability and stability.
Lengths (cm) 161
-> ounces
698g [161]
Weight (pair) 1396g [161]
Dimensions 93-65-78.5 [161]
Turn Radius 24m [161]
Skin Fix Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile HRZN Tech Tip, camber, semi-rockered tail
Shape Hook-free HRZN Tech tip, long radius, tapered tail
Construction Cap w/ carbon laminates
Core Karuba + Poplar
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, speed touring, training
Notes Longer running edge and more camber than previous model
Bottom Line Skimo race ski made for the modern skimo racer
Question from Aaron O
Has anyone skied the new version of this ski? Wondering how much things have changed in the update - I really have liked prior generations but they are a bit more on the light/playful side. I am wondering if they have eased off the "3D snow" tip rocker a bit and maybe made it a bit more aggressive?
Answer from Nate
Hi Aaron, I have not skied the ski to give an impression of its new personality but I can answer some parts of your question.

The reshaping of the tip and tail, along with the lessened tip rocker amount will change its performance for sure. The shorter rocker will increase the running edge and the tip shape will help with stability and limit deflection. The new tail shape should help the ski release from turns a little easier, especially in tough conditions.

Depending on how you are using the word aggressive, the answer is "possibly."
Answer from Aaron O
Thanks - this is helpful. What about as compared to the Blizzard Zero G skimo.
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