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Atomic Backland UL 85 Ski - Women


The Atomic Backland UL 85 is a time-tested classic, like the bread to a Lyrica and Grillamid skimo sandwich. Now, Atomic has made this do-it-all-er of a ski even more versatile by offering it in shorter lengths for shorter skiers. The Women's Backland UL 85 lacks none of the tech or performance of its longer counterparts. The Ultra Light woodcore pressed between a pair of Carbon Powered laminates promises strength and stability at a weight that's hard to beat. Atomic's innovative HRZN tech on the nose of the ski delivers better float and control while dramatically reducing grabbyness and hookyness. The sidewalls beneath the mounting area provide precise and efficient power transfer while a capped construction elsewhere keeps the ski snappy, responsive, and lightweight. Whether you're doing daily pre-work dawn patrols, planning a technical couloir descent, or just gallivanting up and down volcanos, the Atomic Women's Backland UL 85 will not let you down.

  • Atomic's HRZN Tech Tip increases the surface area of the ski tip by 10%, yielding better float and steering without added weight.
  • Shorter lengths are idea for female skiers, younger skiers, and skiers who kick-turn the whole way up and jump-turn the whole way down.
  • 15% rocker amplifies the effects of the HRZN Tech, making this a truly obedient ski.
  • Ultra Light woodcore sandwiched between carbon inserts provides strength and stability at an uncompromising weight.
Lengths (cm) 151, 158, 165
convert to ounces
885g [151]
950g [158]
Weight (pair) 1770g [151]
1900g [158]
Sidecut   114-86-102.5 [151]
115-85-103.5 [158]
116-85-104.5 [165]
Turn Radius   14m [151]
15m [158]
16m [165]
Skin Fix   Round tips, flat tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   15% tip rocker, 85% camber
Shape   HRZN Tech spoon tips, medium radius
Construction   Partial sidewall, carbon insert layers above and below the core for stability and strength
Core   Poplar and Caruba Ultra Light woodcore
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry touring, ski mountaineering
Notes HRZN Tech means better float and less tip deflection without any added weight
Bottom Line A stable and easy-skiing old friend now sized with women in mind
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Erin H
I am looking at this ski and the regular 85 UL in the 165 length...the women's is mighty hard to find, what are the difference between the women's and the regular model? Any benefit of one over the other for someone who is an experienced but not aggressive backcountry skier?
Answer from jbo
Hi Erin, the women's model has different graphics and is available in shorter lengths, but it's the same construction.
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Question from Diane
Hello I'm 5'2 (157 cm) and 100 pounds (lighter weight than most adults). Just getting into ski off-terrain and is trying to go backcountry. I would consider myself to be intermediate/advance skier and probably will ski in the spring (looking to go Volcano skiing in PNW).

I'm comparing this with Blizzard Zero G. I currently own blizzard black pearl 78 and I like its performance. Could you make a comparison between this vs Blizzard Zero G 85? They are very similar in weight and I would like to have good performance/beautiful turns. can you also recommend a length as well? (151 vs 157)

Answer from Cole P
Hello Diane, thanks for reaching out. Both the Zero G 85's and the Atomic Backland UL 85's would be a great option for skiing the PNW volcanoes. They are very different though. The Zero G's are a stiff ski both longitudinally and torsionally which makes the ski confident in steep terrain. The Backland 85's are easy to ski and lively with a rounded flex to them. Only being 100 pounds I would recommend the Backlands 85's but of course, it comes down to preference. Lastly, I would recommend the 151cm skis as they will be easy to kick turn.
Answer from Diane S
Thank you Cole! For your point on the weight and recommendation, are you thinking Zero G takes more from the skier to control them?
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emily sullivan (used product regularly)
Got these for a Cascades volcano skiing trip and couldn't be more pleased with them. I was previously on some mountaineering skis in a 164 length, but eventually realized they were too long for me. Grabbed a pair of 158 85 UL's with the help of Skimo Co and had a blast skiing steeps and corn all week. These skis are nimble and confidence inspiring--I can turn them on a dime on the steeps, but I also found that they are fun to carve on mellow slopes. They skied great in corn and the wide tip was also a nice touch when the snow started to trend towards mush/isothermal down low. They are also lighter than my previous skis. I have zero complaints about these skis!
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Question from JIm
My wife is an advanced skier. She is 62.5 inches tall. She weighs 125lb. She will mostly be skiing volcanos. She may use them for lift skiing sometimes. Should she get the 151cm or 158 cm in the Atomic Backland 85?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Jim. For volcanos, I'd recommend the 151cm length. It will make for better kick turns, easier turn initiation, and a bit lighter for those long carries. I would suggest treading lightly in the resort with such a light ski.
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